Russian Interior Ministry Choir Cover Daft Punk

From YouTube:

Russian police — Get lucky

We have come across a clip of the video for Get Lucky, which the Interior Ministry choir has been preparing for a concert at the Kremlin 10 November.

Comments from YouTube:

РИА Новости:

The Interior Ministry have commented on a video in which the agency’s choir sing the hit Get Lucky: the song really is being prepared for a show at the Kremlin. In one day, the clip has had more than 400,000 views already.

Вадим Н.: (responding to above)

Pretty funny

Анна Викулова: (also responding to previous commenter)

A bit strange to see this)))) But hey, why not))

Уголок Сели:

The video made me smile, but best not make more clips like this, otherwise people will think badly of our army…

Maxim Fazli: (responding to above)

People already think badly of our army.

Evgeny Yudin: (responding to above)

And even worse about the police.

Oskars Samoilenko:

FOR SHAME!!! I’m ashamed of the army! Their own songs are nowhere to be found…

edrus org: (responding to above)

Why is this shameful? The choir have showed that they can sing not only our, Russian songs, but modern foreign ones too.

ИВАН ДУЛИН: (also responding to previous commenter)

This isn’t the army

Gordon Freeman:

How symbolic for the traffic cops, particularly “We’re up all night to get lucky”

[Note: this commenter is referring to the notorious corruption rife in the Russian traffic police]

Dmitry Ivanov:

Why is it in English? Is Russian not in fashion in our police any more?

Maks Shipko:

Interior Ministry choir rocks!

Otto Gebb:

Check out Mr. Bean at 1:40

Дмитрий Сердцев:

Brilliant! The guys have made my morning!

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