Sleeping Policeman Shocks Russian Speeders (Even An Ambulance!)

From Ya Plakal:

How Russians go flying over sleeping policemen

Comments from Ya Plakal:


I want to go!!! This is the trampoline of my dreams!


What, are they blind? Nobody in the video tried to brake… the ambulance was particularly badly hit…


I am tormented by the vague doubt that there were any other warning signs apart from the “20” directly above the sleeping policeman.

bobbylv75: (responding to above)

Even if there weren’t – not a single one of the pilots in the video was going anything like 20km/h…

MarkoPolo: (responding to above)

Ha ha yeah… what, do you just walk everywhere then?


Fuck, where is this? The addresssss!!! I’m going to set up a car garage there! Then I’ll be really living!!!


I’ve never tried that, it could be fun, especially if there was a patient in that ambulance…


There is a sign… it just isn’t there in advance (that we can see), it’s right where the “policeman” is. And it would appear to be some kind of main road. As well, the policeman itself isn’t “painted” (in the city centre near us, they’re normally painted yellow). So you can see the damn things from far away.

Someone needs to do the same here, so it’s marked up to hell, rather than just saying “well that’s how people drive round here”.


I’m laughing and crying… there are THREE signs – the speed limit, the pedestrian crossing, and the SLEEPING POLICEMAN!


It’s probably just a local tradition or something, nothing else!


I want to see more!)))


I wonder how people fly over this on a bike.


What the fuck are you doing parked on the hard shoulder with your lights on, dickhead!


I liked it when sparks fell out of the car. Beautiful.

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