Ukrainian Advertiser Creates Humorous Political Ad Campaign


Ukrainian advertisers have invented the Party of Evil

Humor is the best weapon against the absurdity and negativity that has been in Ukrainian political life for the past few months. Now we have a real Party of Evil, as the creative director of the Ahead agency, Phillip Hopta, has uploaded their election material across his Facebook.

It will only get worse. At least we’re fucking honest.

Nobody needs you. At least we’re fucking honest.

No one will help you. At least we’re fucking honest.

There won’t be a miracle. At least we’re fucking honest.

We are not your friends. At least we’re fucking honest.
We are not your friends. At least we’re fucking honest.

Comments from Ya Plakal


Fucking cool…:D


Have they fucking played it out?


Looks like a photoshop

Бойцоваямышь: (Fighting Mouse)

Are these photoshops or did someone pay out of pocket for these billboards and where are they located?

Sergei 4: (responding to above)

I think it’s a photoshop

Evan20: (also responding to above)

Obscenities, unprintable words and shock contents are forbidden for public viewing according to advertising laws. At least in Russia, so this is 99% photoshopped.


Miracles don’t happen, only unexplainable things)


But they have cookies!


Alright, we’ll vote for them. At least they’d be the first to not fucking steal


You know, this the only party that I believe in, they keep their promises! But only if some saboteur doesn’t mess it up and they can’t make it all well. )


The most honest party, YaPlakal [note: the site where the comments are taken from, a Russian humor/news forum] has voted..


United Russia’s rebranding? It all adds up

Doublin :

There are elections in the Ukraine? xD


Darth Vader is our president!

DeadStar: (responding to above)

It’d be nice, damn it!!! Damn it, I’m waiting for him to show up on the lists, fuck.

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