America Study Putin’s Body Language in Top Secret Project

From Echo Moskvy:

The American Military have been studying Vladimir Putin’s non-verbal communication in secret for several years

The US budget for this is $300,000 annually. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby explained that the project is called Body Leads in an interview with the news site Politico. This work was so secret that even the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel found out about it from news reports. As Kirby explained, other leading foreign politicians’ non-verbal communication was also analysed in order to guess what they plan to do. He, however, refused to give any more information about the results of the study. However, according to him, the information received has not played any role in Pentagon meetings on Ukraine.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


It’d be better if they’d studied his bank account. How the hell he’s managed to steal and reward his beloved self.


The American military studied him, but for us it’s just become clearer and cleared that Putin’s mental state is getting worse and worse.


The audacious posture and look at our President’s latest press conference shows he doesn’t have any idea what non-verbal language is. Thief-in-law.

[Note: the Thieves-in-Law are highly respected members of the criminal underworld]


It’s hardly a huge cut, $300,000 is the salary of just 2-3 people.


Looks like the papers are better informed than Defense Minister Chuck Hagel.


“This work was so secret that even the Minister of Defense Chuck Hagel found out about it from news reports.”
Wow, what secrecy!


What is this non-verbal communication?


It’s the way you can tell the original and the clone apart


They were trying to work out what Putin’s three-fingered gesture meant…


As an intelligence agent, VVP knows how to use non-verbal communication, he knows how to trick, suppress or zombify his collocator. Intelligence agents use speech to hide their thoughts rather than express them. That’s what happens…


Enough following him, time to get rid of him


I wonder what other studies the US military carry out that the Defense Minister finds out from the papers?

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