American Human Rights Activist Jealous of Russian Gay People


American Human Rights Activist Jealous of Russian Gay People

A representative of the LGBT community Brian M. Heiss presented a report where he comes to the conclusion that those of nontraditional sexual orientation have more chances to become a victim of crime on the grounds of homophobia and intolerance in the US than in Russia.

Journalist and human rights activist Heiss is convinced that in Russia sexual minorities don’t have fewer rights as American newspapers and magazines write, on the contrary, sometimes they even have more than gay people, lesbians, and transsexuals on US territory, reports Izvestiya.

As an example, the report’s author calls on the fact that there are no laws, federal or regional, protecting the rights of LGBT colleagues [in the US]. In result those who are LGBT have for a time been facing discrimination: dismissal, refused promotions, and harassment. In Russia dismissal due to sexual orientation is legislatively forbidden.

Heiss also notes that representatives of sexual minorities in the US suffer hatred much more often than in Russia. In the period from 2010 through 2013 40 crimes were committed in Russia on the grounds of homophobia and intolerance, while there were 4,476 in the US.

In the words of the report’s author, the American media is deliberately leading anti-Russian propaganda on the violations of rights of the LGBT community, however in Russia sexual minorities have no fewer rights at all, as American newspapers and magazines write, but on the contrary, they sometimes have even more than gay people, lesbians, and transsexuals on US territory.

“In their coverage of LGBT life in Russia, the United States media has consistently pushed forward the message that one can be fired simply because they are an LGBT individual — I don’t know if it is an innocent but egregious error by the entire US media or simply a lie,” writes Heiss in his report.

As Ridus already wrote, many experts also note the excessive activity of the Western media during the coverage of rights violations of LGBT representatives, while similar laws are active in the US. More so, laws are being passed which are more homophobic than their Russian analogues. For example, in Kansas a bill was passed allowing employees of private and state companies to refuse services to clients who are members of the LGBT community.

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Niko Griby Belik:

If this is the case, then it’s worth reconsidering the Russian legislature with the goal of creating different conditions for fags of all countries. Otherwise they’ll run from wherever they are to Russia. Even make it a bit tougher for them in Russia so that they clear off. This’ll be representative of the government and in the interests of the Russian Nation [Note: the commenter here deliberately chooses to use a word describing ethnic Russians and then includes all those who identify as Russian as an aside, which seems to demonstrate that despite racial tensions in Russia, the perceived threat posed by gays is greater]. We only have to look at the foolish liberal cosmopolitans. That’s it; they’ve completely discredited themselves. Russia should have its state ideology and strictly follow its state interests. No question.


Eh we just shouldn’t tolerate it in our own backyard, we’ll exile their asses forever

Kalashnikov Mihail:

It turns out there are sensible people in the US. “The Kansas House of Representatives has approved a bill that will allow discrimination of same-sex couples on legal bases.”

asinch: (responding to above)

There are more of them there. It looks like the gays have also gotten to them. The protest is growing.


If they didn’t walk around with flags, then no one in Russia would notice them at all. And there wouldn’t be these 40 crimes.


I’ve always felt Russia’s a paradise for gays (in every meaning), and here’s another confirmation.


We need to do the same as Kansas!

Additional comments from :


How horrible, gay people themselves and others are repressing themselves… but I hope pedophiles sleep well there?

rovego: (responding to above)

No, pedophiles are repressed miraculously there. I watched a film about it.

bneheg: (responding to above)

Bastards.. repressing everyone.. only Russia’s left free..

rovego: (responding to above)

We don’t have freedom. We have chaos. All hail hell breaking loose!

bneheg: (responding to above)

We have a strange sort of chaos, it affects only those who aren’t part of the government..


What horror! And our gay people (more precisely f….) are running there for freedom!?!? Milonov’s definitely a CIA agent, she suppresses Russian fa…. )))

rovego: (responding to above)

They’re running there in vain. There’s some levels of criminality on the grounds of hatred towards LGBT…


In Russia dismissal due to sexual orientation is legislatively forbidden.
Let him tell that to the teachers who have been fired, for example.

rovego: (responding to above)

I think he doesn’t know these facts. Just like that, many things aren’t apparent, which is why they don’t figure in statistics.

yalexey: (responding to above)

I think those things he’s talking about over there; they don’t come under the label of discrimination either.


It feels like they attack them and than the blacks on the ship Amistad. Without this sensation stupid laws, such as those in Norway or France, wouldn’t be passed. They can’t raise this feeling at home – it will become clear here that in comparison with donut theft, for example, there isn’t any crime against gay people and lesbians at all. Russia is always, same for Europeans as for Americans a place where “there be dragons”, i.e. a dark forest, about which you can write whatever you want, no one will check it.


What hasn’t Heiss written in his life, honestly)))
I’ll tell ya not About america, but about that very “Gayrope” [Note: the commenter conflates the words for “gay” and “Europe”. Why are they screaming at the people here – “be tolerant!” From all platforms there’s good news is carried out about tolerance towards blacks, minorities of all colors, muslim arabs, and others… Well that’s why people themselves aren’t very tolerant in fact. And if the majority aren’t neutral towards gays and lezzas (because of privacy and who the hell cares who f…s who in their own bed), then the situation is harder with the others.


In Russia can it at least somehow be defined practically in court whether a certain incident is a hate crime or a standard “have fun, Vasya” [Note: similar to the “boys will be boys” expression in English]?


>In the words of the report’s author, the American media is deliberately leading anti-Russia propaganda

For “news” like this we need a new tag: “shooting fish in a barrel” .
The man studies Russian legislature over 129 pages, and the “news” corresponds to the “report” as closely as the titles of Western movies correspond to their Russian names. [Note: often, Western films are released with very different names in Russia, rather than a direct translation of their original name]

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