Curfew Hits St Petersburg’s Kids and Teens

From Echo Moskvy:

Curfew for minors in St Petersburg

It will be in operation from 10pm to 6am. The necessary document was confirmed by the legislative assembly of the northern capital.

“A curfew for children and teens is not an effective measure”, says the commissioner for children’s rights in Moscow Evgeniy Bunimovich.

In total, this measure will affect more than 600,000 minors in St Petersburg.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Why just SPb?

nuya: (responding to above)

They introduced this in Ufa a couple of years ago – there was one raid and that was it. And everyone’s more or less forgotten about it. It’s clearly a tool to apply pressure on those who need it… selectively.


A 17 year old is not allowed to be on the streets of a megapolis after 10pm? Have they gone mad?!


And when will they hand out the striped uniform to help distinguish, because some 15 year olds look like 25 year olds nowadays, and when will they bring out the barbed wire? Bigots!


Good law. There’s nothing for kids to do on the streets after 10. I hope the Leningrad Oblast administration pass a similar law for us.


Putin, the cops, and an empty town is a good place to shoot a horror film!


Why only children? Why not everyone! And for those siege survivors, they should have special curfew days, so they don’t stop the king going to the cemetery like yesterday!


Looks like SPb has become the capital of idiotism in Russia))


And now it’ll spread to all servile areas of Russia…


Just like the old Soviet joke, when the guy sentenced to be hanged asked if it’ll be his own rope or the states… we can tolerate anything!


I wonder cui bono? That is, who lobbied for this?

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