Deputy Prime Minister Jokes About Bombing Romania

From Echo Moskvy

Yet Another Diplomatic Scandal Caused by Dmitriy Rogozin’s Statements

The Romanian Foreign Ministry has demanded an explanation for the unexpected post of the Russian Deputy Prime Minister’s Twitter account. The Deputy Prime Minister accused Romania of closing its airspace to his plane. Rogozin wrote (and I quote), “the next time, I’ll come in a Tu-160,” Rogozin wrote, referring to the supersonic bomber. Romanian diplomats have interpreted this as a threat against the current background of tension in Eastern Europe.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


They say that when Dmitriy Rogozin first visited Brussels, the Manneken Pis started pissing boiling water [Note: a Russian idiom meaning to be overjoyed]


I think we should permanently remove this piece of scum’s entry visa into Europe, and let the garbage worms eat his fat in Sochi’s dumps.


There are clowns in every country, but only Putin gives them responsibilities. A man with the psyche of a hurt teenager is not a politician.


The Romanians shat themselves.

witch: (responding to above)

No. But the Deputy Prime Minister should answer for his words.

slesar_ev: (responding to above)

And the president and defence minister of the US should answer for their words? Don’t you remember Reagan’s joke about a nuclear attack on the USSR? Live, not on Twitter. And what happened in America then? There are leaders who joke around everywhere. Have you forgotten the US defence minister’s joke at the UN with the test tube [Note: I believe this refers to an incident in which Colin Powell showed a test tube to the UN filled with a white powder that was ostensibly full of anthrax]? And the consequences of this “joke”?


This Rogozin is Zhirinovskiy’s brother. The secret sins of a father-lawyer…


“The Romanian Foreign Ministry has demanded…” They’re funny, these Romanians…


Rogozin wouldn’t be Rogozin if he had answered differently.


Scummy provocateur

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