Durov Blames FSB For Having to Sell His Shares in VKontakte

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Durov Tells VKontakte Why He Had to Sell Shares of His Creation

The general director of one of the biggest social networks told his subscribers that he’s refused to reveal the data of the organizers of the coup in Kiev, for which he fell out of favor.

On his personal page on the social network VKontakte Pavel Durov left two notes, in which he slightly raised the veil of secrecy and said that he fell out of the favor of powerful oligarchs and why he had to give up his shares of the company, which he himself founded.

In the words of the general director, on December 13, 2013 the FSB demanded that the company provide personal information of the organizers of the Euromaidan groups. Durov took the decision refusing the official inquiry, as “the FSB doesn’t have the right to interfere in the affairs of the citizens of Ukraine.” Durov considers this refusal the main reason he was forced to sell his VKontakte shares and was almost relieved of his position as manager of the company. We recall that according to the information from open sources, a significant number of group organizers in social networks, as well as intermediary participants of the “revolutionary events” in Kiev, are Russian citizens.

In the second note Durov tells about the official refusal to close Alexei Navalny’s group under the Russian Prosecutor’s instructions. It’s noted that it was the second such refusal – he was previously approached with an analogous request in December 2011. But both then and now, political censorship remains unacceptable.

“The freedom of dissemination of information is an inalienable right of a post-industrial society. It’s a right without which the existence of VKontakte has no meaning,” notes the head of the social network.

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Americans for some reason don’t hesitate to give their information to the FBI, and here this louse suddenly remembered about the freedom of the dissemination of information. When he intimidated a traffic cop with his car did he also remember about freedom of the dissemination of information?


Should I give you a tissue, Makhno-2? Then your saliva will soon begin to leak from my monitor. :) On topic – that’s why it’s totally not worth getting accounts in social networks. Real enemies and terrorists sit and discuss everything with their colleagues… on dating sites, in messengers, under fake profiles.


You’re not asleep, at 6:30 in the morning? Write something smarter with a fresh head and not half asleep, then you’ll be honored with an answer. Now go good-bye.


I wrote earlier that Pasha’s the next resident of London… About half a year ago … I held out longer than everyone… In January!!!!


Durov’s a messenger of the 5th column in Russia. Prince Andrew of Britain would receive this person in England for half a year until the events on Maidan and there were also other interesting personalities there, including ones from Russia http://hitech.newsru.com/article/19Jun2013/durov_facebook And how else can you regard Durov’s refusal to give out the information of the organizers and people of the Ukrainian junta, it’s an agreement with the West, not some alleged defense of conf. information there. Put this rat dressed like the that antichrist Neo from the move the Matrix under arrest.

Further comments from Echo Moskvy


So now, if translated into human, after his heroic removal, VKONTAKTE will give all the necessary information right to the KGB? Well that’s not news. I propose the new director of ECHO reports everything to there. It doesn’t happen in Rashka any other way!


Respect to Durov!!! I honestly wasn’t expecting it.


If everything’s like he’s writing well done Durov, but just one thing confuses me…the inquiry from the FSB was on December 13, and he’s only writing about it now…


Oy, I’m begging you… the intelligentsia has snitching in their blood, in their genes… all this current “bohemian lifestyle”, all these false “liberals” and “democrats”,all these self-proclaimed “intellecruals”….and everyone has an exact price…


It’d be strange if they hadn’t requested such information. It’s the direct duty of security services, reacting to provocations of disturbances. Moreover that an official inquiry was sent to him.


Yeah. During this it’d be strange if a free society didn’t resist. You can’t give special services the green light in everything in any case. Otherwise they’ll use the people and dangle their legs. The closed office, you fucking believe what they’re doing there, whether they’re doing their own things or state ones, how much they’re growing fat from the people’s money, and whether they’re actually preventing terrorist acts or drawing “checks” for show.


That’s understandable. But we do want to live in a calm country, and simultaneously have no one touch us. How they’re “balancing” it during this, we already know))) You have to resist unconditionally, but where the line is between damaging our rights and ensuring safety is hard to work out.


Where’s the line? People should just talk to each other. They should know each other better. Know who their neighbors are, what they do, what their names are. And react to the appearance of suspicious people, sounds, subjects, and smells on time. When a house’s residents are worried themselves about the safety of their apartments, entrances, courts, and each other, – then it’s a lot simpler for special services to work, there’s a reverse connection (moreover, not in the form of base knocks, denunciations, and provocations, but in the form of prophylactic measures). From everyone being odd and everyone not caring about each other, – and “cloudy water” forming, in which terrorists and radicals and other criminals can hide.


Polizei Rashkostan.


Yeah. “German Chancellor Angela Merkel proposes creating a European communication network in order to protect personal information from American special services.”


Ultimately the loss is his share in the social network and not his innocence. Although it’s more important to know for whom it’s more important.


One thing’s clear – now the FSB’s one of the official shareholders of this and other social networks, they have the right to a deciding voice. Confidentiality for users and their personal information in these conditions is total fiction.


I don’t understand modern Russia and its politics, I can’t understand, in my opinion the state should care about its people and not the other way around, what’s with the mut of communist orthodoxy and soviet desperate heroic nonsense in people’s heads? What do Russians want? To expand Russia to the limits of the planet or what? What’s with the paranoid tendency of persecution on a state level? First some BENDERS then the department of state? Isn’t it time to turn on your brains? Probably not the time yet – it’s so hard and uninteresting

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