Footballer for Dynamo Moscow Saves Drowning Woman


Dynamo [Moscow] Footballer saves a drowning woman

Kevin Kuranyi, attacker for Dynamo Moscow, saved a drowning woman while on holiday according to the Bild newspaper.

The German was taking his Christmas holidays in Rio-de-Janeiro on the coast of the Atlantic ocean. One day, tanning with his friends on the beach, he noticed an elderly woman who couldn’t cope with current and was waving her hands. As a friend of the footballer, Bernard Werber Ramos de Lacerda said, there was nobody nearby, and he and Kuranyi immediately threw themselves to her assistance, dragging the emaciated woman out of the water.

Kuranyu himself, commenting on the incident, expressed that he was happy that everything had ended well, adding that there’s no time to think in situations like this, you need to act spontaneously.

Comments from

Дмитрий Белкин:

Couldn’t have been one of ours.

Геннадий Шеренговский: (responding to above)

Ours could, but not Egyptian hotel staff.

Ptaah Love: (also responding to previous commenter)

He’s a Turk not a German.

Измайлов Ильдар: (responding to above)

No, he’s Brazilian

tokeru By:

Well done!

Völkischer Beobachter:

Strange name. Both for a German, and an attacker for Dynamo.

Пум Пурум: (responding to above)

His roots are a long way from being only German. His father is from a German-Hungarian background, his mother is from Panama, and he was born in Brazil.

Mr Anderson: (also responding to previous commenter)

Is this a subtle hint that only Russians should play for Russian teams?

Vadim Unknown: (responding to above)

Dynamo have more Russians that come out on the field than any other championship leading team.

Mr Anderson: (responding to above)

It’s not just Dynamo, it’s all Russian teams.

Пум Пурум:

This is much more heroic than, say, Hitzlsperger’s announcement, which has been blown up into some kind of great feat.

Dave Bowman:

Sea currents are really very dangerous. I remember the story of a teacher who drowned in the Azov sea saving his students.

Дмитрий Рындин: (responding to above)

Something like this happened to me once. The bloke turned out to be massive. He’s alive. I’ve never seen anyone bigger than him. Kuranyi is a good man! You don’t think about anything in situations like this. I know.

Евгений Шепелев:

Good man! Honour and respect to him!

krrebs bond:

Nice one! Respect!

Марин Мирою:

Well done! An action worthy of everyone’s respect.

Иванов Дмитриевич:

What is there to discuss? Kuranyi is a good man, full stop!

Дмитрий Серов:

If I were his team, I’d have fined him a year’s salary. His life belongs to the team! What if he’d drowned saving the woman? The team would suffer a big loss. Or are they insured against risks like this?

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