Georgia Could Join Nato Sooner than Expected

Georgia may join Nato sooner than expected

As “Kommersant” writes, a plan of action on Tbilisi’s membership of the alliance will be proposed during the scheduled Nato summit in September. “Russia’s activity in the Ukraine has led to renewed discussion of a more decisive policy on the alliance’s part towards former Soviet states”, a source in Nato headquarters told the paper. He pointed out that Tbilisi’s application for candidate status could be supported even by countries that not long ago were calling on others not to force the issue.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Well, here we go!
A ring of enemies is pressuring the “young republic”.


Let’s wait for [Belarusian president] Lukashenko to ask to join Nato


Nato’s militarily impotent. It’s just scare tactics for the uneducated. Vova knows it.


Nato is the most effective organisation in the world. Targeted bombing misses for a week and an enemy like Chinese silk

ksp_1: (responding to above)

We’re expecting a report from you about the Afghan Taliban’s weaponry.


The conditions of Georgia entering Nato are the recognition of the borders with South Ossetia and Abkhazia. That means PUTIN was right!


So what was the fighting about…


Great! And Ukraine will join sooner than expected, although in the current situation they’d have preferred it to be a bit faster, but there we go.


Pavlov’s dog is still salivating. Ukraine don’t have a legitimate president or government and they have territorial disputes. The Ukis will see their own ears before they see Nato


Georgia, Moldova… the list goes on. Anyone who doesn’t make it, well at least they’ve got Crimea.

venom: (responding to above)


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