Mikhail Khodorkovsky Granted Clemency By Putin, Netizens React

From Echo Moskvy:


Khodorkovsky again confirmed that he doesn’t plan to become involved in politics. “The battle for power is not mine,” he said, adding that he plans to become involved in social work. In particular, in the battle for the liberation of political prisoners in Russian and all over the world. However, he noted that it’s too early now to talk about concrete actions.
Khodorkovsky also apologized before those gathered for not being able to go into details at the time of the press conference.

Former head of Yukos Mikhail Khodorkovsky won’t start taking revenge on Vladimir Putin, as the businessman’s criminal persecution didn’t harm his family. Answering the cry from the room regarding the late vice-president of the YUKOS Company Vasily Aleksanyan, Khodorkovsky underlined that he’s in full become involved with solving this question.

Answering the question whether or not he’s going to return to Russia, the ex-head of YUKOS said that for this he needs guarantees of freedom of transfer around the world. Where he will live now, Khodorkovsky hasn’t decided yet. He’s received a visa to Germany for the period of one year.

Leader of the Moscow Helsinki Group Lyudmila Alexeyeva regrets that ex-head of YUKOS Mikhail Khodorkovsky, whom the president has pardoned, cannot yet return. However, the human rights activist expressed the hope that eventually Khodorkovsky will arrive in Russia. Alexeyeva underlined that he’s necessary to our country.
In her words, Khodorkovsky not being able to return to Russia is an additional punishment to his prison sentence.

Freed after 10 years of imprisonment, Mikhail Khodorkovsky undoubtedly will be an influential social activist. However, now he won’t start to take risks, considers political scientist Alexei Makarkin.
In his opinion, Khodorkovsky is aiming to become a moral authority for Russian society and has a complete right to this.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Just as all of your old friends we’re immeasurably happy!
We thank the Lord!
However great the services of influential world politicians – and first of all German Chancellor Mrs Angela Merkel and Mister Genscher – who REALLY helped Mikhail Borisovich reach freedom (for which we are immeasurably thankful to all of them), namely the addition of the efforts of hundreds of thousands of simple citizens and tens of international human rights organizations brought it to the required result.
And we’re also happy that Mikhail Borisovich came out from the fight the winner! His personal courage, resilience, human dignity, and moral superiority over his opponents – powerful monsters and rascals – are obvious. GLORY TO THE WINNER!
And to all the Khodorkovskys – health, happiness, luck, and long life!
Lord save you all!
The Demchenko family.

strashila1978: (responding to above)

I’m to a certain extent a NATIONALIST © Khodorkovsky

Clearly prison gives him a lot of time to think and understand that Nationalism and National Patriotism are actually the solely able form of thinking of a person who wishes well for Russia…

I even admired Khodorkovsky a bit, to say such of a Russophobe – Albats

It’s curious how the Liberal and Russophobe DemShiza considering Khodorkovsky its icon will react to this; clearly he disturbed all this riffraff with this…

And the idiot Navalny starting as a National Patriot (for this people believed in him in the beginning), finally lay under the Russophobe Gay-Liberal DemShiza…and now will win elections only on the Russophobe site EchoMoskvy

P.S. Mods of Echo you fuck!ing pissed me off censoring my message, wherever there’s cursing or an insult? So clearly you can pour filth all over Russia, write that Putin should die – go ahead, but as I wrote the truth about all your Russophobic audience then all of a sudden BAN

sasha813: (responding to above)

All Jews are NATIONALISTS! And what’s bad about that!

vadimslutsky: (responding to above)

Yes. And all nationalists are Jews!

sidorov99: (responding to above)

Only Russians are in jail under article 282 [Note: crimes against state power], he hates Russians .

s018: (responding to above)

There’s nothing bad in nationalism as long as it doesn’t become a brain sickness.

arturi: (responding to above)

Khodor-thief said that he’s a nationalist, but didn’t say of which nation.

sg_74: (responding to above)

You should go there for just a week before making such a song and dance of yourself here…

sidorov99: (responding to above)

Your feelings are right , the Kremlin rat will have problems with Khodor, he’s already regretting that he let him go.

arturi: (responding to above)

He definitely brown-nosed!!! Respect. Just an idiot.
How far do you need to fall in order to lick a thief, aphorist, and participant in murders like that.

syd_barret: (responding to above)

Yes, I completely agree with Khodorkovsky having the right to be a moral authority. And I completely agree with him not needing to risk his freedom. He’s already paid enough.


Khodorkovsky aiming to become a moral authority for Russian society
It’s not enough to be an authority; Alexeyeva’s also crowning him!


Swine, scum, bastards, I despise you animals. You need to be killed without regret.


“‘The battle for power is not my thing,’ he said, adding that he plans to become involved in social work…”

As is said “never say ‘never’”… it’s possible, it’s just not the time yet… Best of luck to Mikhail…


Answering the question from the room regarding late vice-president of the YUKOS Company Vasily Aleksanyan, Khodorkovsky underlined that he’s become fully involved with solving this question.
What “question”? The resurrection of Aleksanyan?
And what about Alexei Pichugin? For a man who has such good relations with Putin is that not a question?

sidorov99: (responding to above)

About Pichugin, the crew of the Kursk, the children of Beslan and Nord–Ost, let the killer bird think.

pipah: (responding to above)

For some reason you’re sure that everything will stay as it is now. Just as you thought that the USSR was eternal. Who could imagine that they’d let Khodorkovsky out even a week ago? No one. Steady on soldier, so you don’t have to eat your words before long.


A moral authority would be, for example, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, but what kind of authority is Khodorkovsky, who acquired status as a big freeloader? Putin not only left his family alone, but a significant part of his assests, taken out of the country durin the good years.


Live in the broadcast he’ll tell you, I will fight with Putin, you’re all idiots! Snowden said, I won’t do the dirty on the USA and what became of that? Khodorkovsky’s smarter than many!

nadjushka7: (responding to above)

How funny you liberals are! Like children, I swear to god!


Freedom of the body turned out for Khodor to be more expensive that freedom of the soul, Vovan managed to break the age-old myth.

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