More Than 40 Ukrainian Servicemen Defect To Russia


More than 40 Ukrainian soldiers abandoned their posts and crossed over to Russia

More than 40 Ukrainian servicemen crossed over to Russia, ITAR-TASS reports, citing the head of Russia’s Border Guard Service’s press service in the Rostov oblast, Vasiliy Malayev.

“At around 20:30 Moscow time, 41 Ukrainian servicemen abandoned their posts and arrived at the Ukrainian border post “Izvarino”. They appealed to the militiamen with a request for aid in crossing into Russian territory on the grounds that they do not wish to fight against their own people” Malaev noted.

The head of the press service also added that the servicemen are already on Russian territory.

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With bags over their heads and surrounded by hundreds of Russian tanks

Andrei MI:

It’s about time, but this process could have started more actively!

khachin: (responding to above)

The soldier falling down during the inauguration was an omen of the collapse of the Ukrainian [note: in the Russian, Ukrainian is altered to sound like the Russian word for dill. This stylization is used derogatorily.] Those that don’t surrender turn their weapons on Kiev.


Glory to Ukraine!!!

otstoiy: (responding to above)

Is this zombie-phrase like a last comfort?

kaloed88: (responding to above)

Yup. And what’s more, glory to the heroes!!! [note: The phrase “Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” Is an unofficial slogan of sorts in Ukraine.]


No one crossed over anywhere. Vasiliy Malayev needs to cure his hangover.

Andrei MI: (responding to above)

They didn’t cross over, but rather ran over. Our border guards barely stopped them.

Николай Болдецов:

Good job guys! Let Obama and Poroshenko [note: In the Russian, Poroshenko’s name is stylized to be similar to the Russian verb for disembowel and eviscerate, a reference to Ukraine’s ongoing military campaign against the Russian separatists] and their ilk fight for the Banderovtsi. [note: the name used by some to refer to supporters of the Ukrainian government, likening them to supporters of Stepan Bandera, the leader of a Ukrainian nationalist movement during World War II.]

Александр Бурлуцкий:

Desertion is becoming fashionable in the Ukraine, either like Yatesniuk the kamikaze, who runs from the government, or like those that run from the battlefield. Or how they’ll run in the autumn, with the onset of the cold! Poroshenko and his boss the USA have something to be nervous about. Time is working against them, and the Donbass people’s militia is holding out against the whole Ukrainian army


Russian-speaking Ukrainians [note: the dill stylization is used once again] are of course really downtrodden and brainwashed, but c’mon, not to the point that they would go die for the profit of Jewish oligarchs.


Why 41? What a small figure…Why not just 41 thousand immediately? :)))) They need to lie as they did about the hundreds of thousands of refugees!


God, you haven’t gotten tired of writing junk? People are dying and that’s a fact. From this and that side, that’s also a fact. There are mercenaries on both sides. A plane has been shot down and that’s a fact. 300 people not guilty of anything. Or are you going to say that the Russian media thought all this up? The USA is using information from the Internet for official statements and this nation rushes words. And what about what’s going on with the development of shale gas in the east, are you up to speed? Biden’s son isn’t accidentally on the board of directors. Or is this just a coincidence? And Yatseniuk resigning, is that also a coincidence? The Ukrainian parliament didn’t let him sell the gas transmission network.


They need to set up tables with cured pork fat and horilka (note: a Ukrainian alcohol), and then you’ll see the whole Ukrainian army run over…

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