Mythical Beast Chupacabra Not Responsible for Sheep Massacre


The Agriculture Ministry in the Moscow area has denied the existence of the chupacabra

The Agriculture and Food Ministry for the Moscow Oblast has denied the existence of the chupacabra. This comes on the official agency website following a huge attack on sheep in the village of Byeloomut in the Lukhovitskiy region. Approximately 60 animals were killed.

Local residents and media suggested that the attack was carried out by a chupacabra, a predatory animal unknown to science. This suggestion was made after tracks were found at the place of the massacre, which villagers think implicates the chupacabra in the event.

However, the ministry deny this speculation, stating that “no mythical creatures live in the Lukhovitskiy region of the Moscow Oblast.” It is not clear how the village’s residents reacted to this opinion.

In the Agriculture ministry, the basic understanding of the event is as follows: according to the opinions of experts from the government’s hunting inspectorate, the attack was carried out by a stray dog. They are also considering the possibility that someone deliberately set a dog on the village’s sheep.

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported the chupacabra’s attack on the sheep among other stories a few days ago. The publication cited statistics according to which this secretive predator could carry out this and a number of other killings on domesticated animals. Massacres of livestock in strange circumstances were confirmed during various periods in the Ramenskiy, Mytischinskiy and Kolomenskiy areas of the Moscow Oblast.

The chupacabra is considered a figure of city legends. There is no confirmed evidence of its existence. Nevertheless, from time to time, various newspapers publish eyewitness statements purportedly claiming to have seen the creature. They describe it as similar to a dog with sparse hair and spikes. Supposedly, this animal kills its victims by sucking their blood. Coyotes, pigs, jackals, foxes, racoon dogs and other animals have been mistaken for a chupacabra in a number of situations.

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just no:

Now, it’s pretty much common knowledge that the chupacabra exists and the authorities are hiding it!

SP LG: (responding to above)

Are they lying again? Well they can’t lie all the time?)

Vlad Арушанян: (responding to above)


FI-Tec Ltd:

Is it dags?

[Note: derogatory short form of Dagestani, often the butt of jokes about having sex with sheep, as well as general racist comments]

Kazimir Krupp: (responding to above)

Had the sheep been raped?

A L:

To justify hijacking taxpayers’ money, they needed to come up with an animal too

Ебардей Мигалкин: (responding to above)

I’ve come up with one! The Capachubra

Alexander Mayorov:

Why the chupacabra, not God?

Camrec Camreec: (responding to above)

Another fan.

Станислав Былич:

What, have they gone mad? Don’t they (the Agriculture Ministry) have bigger problems than writing about chupacabras?

Округ Инфо:

As soon as prices go up, or people aren’t happy with Putin and laws passed in parliament, they resort straight to the chupacabra.

Kazimir Krupp:

The chupacabras are sitting in parliament…

SP LG: (responding to above)

I think I even know who…

Alex Kuinn:

Oh, well I’m calm now.

Сергей Викторович:

Don’t the ministry have better things to do than deny idiotic rumours?

Кококо Рюмкин:

There’s no scientific evidence to prove the chupacabra DOESN’T exist! The ministry are offending my belief in the Chupacabra. I demand the minister goes to jail for two years!

SP LG: (responding to above)

Exactly, the only reliable way to solve the problem is a population-wide referendum!

Алексей Кипарисов:

They’re hiding it from us

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