Russian Military Hardware Reportedly Crosses Ukrainian Border

From Echo Moskvy

Russian Military Hardware Reportedly Enters Ukrainian Terrority


Echo Moskvy heard this from an eyewitness, New Times correspondent Sergey Khazov-Kassia

However, the FSB border service of Russia denied the information that Russian military hardware had crossed the Ukrainian border and explained that the journalists reporting the incident had come across a mobile border defence group who were patrolling the Ukrainian border territory.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


Why cross the border, they’ll be begging us to come across soon


70 military hardware units have entered Ukraine – head of Latvian Foreign Ministry. Russian military hardware should leave Ukraine immediately. Otherwise, there will be serious consequences – British Foreign Ministry. A column of Russian hardware will end up in Lugansk. Its movement is being followed – Defence Council of Ukraine. Ukrainian military forces have been tasked to destroy a Russian column if it breaks through to Lugansk – Ukrainian General Staff of the Armed Forces.


An [eyewitness is the] favourite information source for the most truthful radio station


WHAAA! Again!


The Kremlin’s Botox [note: Putin] is playing at tin soldiers…


Quite right, the guerilla junta should be destroyed.


RuSSian Nazis will drown in their own blood in Ukraine. Then Afghanistan or Chechnya will seem like heaven to the Russian Nazis.


Echo Moskvy is reportedly a disinformation-spreading, unprofessional, bumbling organ of mass disinformation.


The whole world already knows about the Russian military column that has crossed the Ukrainian border and only Russian idiots are posing as normal people.


Putin and his band of criminals should be treated according to the rules of engagement.


IF THIS IS REALLY TRUE (and we’ll know soon), the time has come for the Supreme Council [of Ukraine] to start wearing PAMPERS!


Putin wants EU sanctions against Russia to be lifted, but the EU imposed the condition that the situation in South-East Ukraine needs to be stabilised. Putin had no other way to stabilise the situation. Be careful what you wish for.

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  • Anon


  • Поки я дихаю, я сподіваюся.

    Kremlin Factiod:
    & Brains
    are worst provocateurs in Russia.

  • Canadian_Skies

    Why is russiaslam so dead? You’d think with the trending Russia there’d be something here …

    • Matt

      In russiaSLAM’s defense, they’ve posted quite a few articles about the situation that just haven’t gotten many comments. I guess people just aren’t that interested in what Russian netizens have to say. To be honest, I’m not either, and I don’t even know why. I guess the comments just aren’t as interesting as on chinaSMACK and koreaBANG.

    • blueberry

      Because russians are not very interesting people.. I don’t even know what I am doing here.

      • Bill the Awesometacular

        So other people are entertainments to you eh? Typical Americans trying to make fun of people. Shame on you guys with all the sites like ChinaSmack, IndoBoom etc. Why don’t you guys focus on trying to fix your damn country with all the white black crimes, white black this, white black that.

  • Canadian_Skies

    russiaSLAM site is dead. Huge country and no stories. Considering the spotlight of world affairs, you’d think there’d be more activity here. Cowardice.

    • BillBo

      Agreed, and I’m saying this two weeks later on what is still the latest article… I posted an earlier comment months ago on another story and someone from Chinasmack responded that the Russian guy in charge was having problems with getting internet access or something… Russia isn’t a third world nation :P I guess it’s dead for the time being

      • Tarja

        Last time I checked there were no Russians in charge of this site (do they even know it exists?), but someone named Joe Innes. By the way, the guy can have some health problems or whatever except the internet connection.

  • BillBo

    Russiaslam is dead… goodbye Mr Bookmark

  • Small twon

    I am not 100% sure but those tanks looks like T-80 with ERA. Russia means busines.If I am Ukrainian president ,l call every ally,favor I can get.

  • Matt

    *cricket chirp*

  • elizabeth

    It can be quite a demoralizing task to spend time translating articles only to get brickbrats in return. What more if it is done FOC?

  • Dark Night

    So today is “state the obvious” day?

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