Schoolteacher Murdered by Student – Netizens Discuss

From Life News:

School Shooter Announces That He Was Going to His Russian Teacher

The killed geography teacher was an accidental casualty: the student wanted to come to Russian literature class with weapons to show the pedagogue that there’s more evil in the world than good.

Completely pacifistic. The only thing, last year, there was a little fight. So, he didn’t like it, who’s to blame I honestly don’t know, I know this from the guys’ words, so yeah, he didn’t like an 8th grade student, some conflict occurred with them, and Sergei in general didn’t restrain himself properly there, he didn’t let that boy say what he wanted, well, this was the only thing in ninth grade and, as I was told, this was his only fight in all… in all his studies in school. No, he said yesterday and during the interrogation that he was going to my class. He and I very often, well, he and I were discussing regarding what is compassion, good, etc. He rejected all of it; he said that there isn’t any of it. When I would say that there are more good people he…he would laugh, and he would say to me, “I want to show you how wrong you are.”

So, he discussed this to his peers in class?

He did. Yesterday he said that he was going to come to Russian class. He was late. Andrei Nikolaevich is an unfortunate casualty, it turned out that Andrei Nikolaevich had the next class after me. He said that he wasn’t going to kill a teacher, but this obviously happened. As he said, Andrei Nikolaevich came too close, he got afraid that he’d knock his gun out of his hand, here, and what I asked, “Why did you shoot the second time?” he said that he was wheezing.

Before the start of the interrogation of the person arrested for shooting people and holding hostages in school No. 263 in Moscow, detectives ran into an unexpected obstacle.

The young man withdrew into himself and stopped answering any of the specialists’ questions. The boy put only two conditions before detectives: to see his favorite Russian teacher and also get “cookies and tea”.

Detectives went to a meeting with the schoolboy, more so that the psychologist felt that it could help him feel freer.

Soon Russian teacher Tatiana Babkina and an emergency EMERCOM psychologist were brought to the office.

In the time it took Tatiana to get to the investigatory department, the boy’s favorite cookie was bought for him in the nearest store.

Only after Tatiana Babkina spoke with the student and calmed him down, Sergei started to give evidence.

“I was called in to the interrogation where detectives, a psychologist, and a lawyer were participating. Seryozha [Note: nickname for Sergei] said right away, ‘Tatiana Alexandrovna, I was going to you!” said Russian teacher Tatiana Babkina. “He and I very often would discuss the topic of good and evil – I would teach the children compassion, but he would say that it doesn’t exist. When I would say to him that there are more good people, he would laugh. And he told me yesterday, ‘I wanted to show you that you’re wrong.’ Andrei Nikolaevich is an unfortunate casualty. He had the next class after me. He was late for my class. Andrei Nikolaevich, in his words, scared him because he came too close; he got afraid that he’d knock the gun away. When I asked why he shot a second time, he answered, ‘He was wheezing.’”

In the teacher’s words, Sergei was going intentionally to die, but not to kill.

“Seryozha said that he was coming to me, but rethought it and went to the geography teacher. He also announced that he wanted to die on this day, but to do so by being shot. Seryozha was very afraid to kill himself,” added the teacher. “Until yesterday’s meeting I only characterized him from a positive side: happy, kind ready to help, able to work, interesting. That is, he had his own individual thoughts.”

In Babkina’s words, Seryozha is a completely peaceful teenager.

The only thing, last year, in ninth grade, there was a little fight. So, he didn’t like it, who’s to blame I honestly don’t know, I know this from the guys’ words, so yeah, he didn’t like an 8th grade student, some conflict occurred with them, and Sergei in general didn’t restrain himself properly there, he didn’t let that boy say what he wanted. Who’s to blame, I don’t know. As I was told, this was his only fight in all his studies in school.

Tatiana Babkina knows Sergei’s grandmother well. By her acknowledgement, she couldn’t even imagine the thoughts that the kid “has been living with for so many years with such hell in his soul”.

“I’ve been in school for so many years. I always felt that I understand people pretty well. It turns out I was mistaken,” admits Tatiana.

In the teacher’s words, Seryozha, as a straight A student, could actually allow himself a few indiscretions in class, but they were insignificant – for example, interrupting the teacher and starting to prove his point of view.

“The only thing I’m analyzing right now is what happened… He was irritated,” says Babkina. “I was questioning his opinion, and that really irritated him. I treated him as a child. He wants to get a toy, he’s not given it, and he gets offended. It turns out that everything was much more serious. His point of view, as a rule, was unfounded. If I would debate argumentatively, then he wouldn’t. I perceived all this as youthful maximalism. He would just say, ‘I think this.” We were studying Nekrasov: Who Is Happy Living in Russia. We were discussing that Grisha Dobrosklonov had found the goal of his life in service of the people and the Motherland. Sergei said that it’s garbage. He said that everybody has their own goal – something that makes it comfortable to live.”

Analyzing the reasons prompting 15-year-old Seryozha to commit a crime, the teacher says:

“Everything began with the birth of his brother. You know, it happens with children often: they’re in the center of the universe, everything revolves around them. Here suddenly something appeared that made them share this universe.”

The classrooms of the geography teacher and the Russian teacher are nearby on the first floor (1st and 2nd rooms). Upon hearing the sound of a shot, Tatiana Alexandrovna thought that it was children blowing up a firecracker. Upon looking in the corridor, the teacher saw that the door of the geography room was open. But she didn’t perceive all this as a threat. And only in a couple of minutes a biology teacher ran in to her and said that Andrei Kirillov is lying on the floor all in blood, a student had shot him.

The teacher closed the door to the room from inside and took the students of class 7A to the wall – so that they wouldn’t come under fire if Sergei began firing through the door.

In the opinion of experts, the boy hasn’t come to terms with what he has done yet. Most likely, he could try to kill himself later. Psychiatrists and psychologists will work with him to prevent an emotional breakdown.

“At the interrogation he was tired and indifferent,” says Tatiana Babkina.

After school Sergei was planning to submerge himself into the study of mathematics and physics – the hard sciences. He also called literature garbage.

Tatiana Babkina called the killed geography teacher a “good man”, kinder than anyone she’s met – kind, ready to help, somewhere even naïve. He loved children, and children him, “he did a lot for them.”

Comments from Life News:

Tatka Olk:

It’s unambiguously psychiatric pathology here.

Viktoria Ruslanova: (responding to above)

“At the interrogation he was tired and indifferent”! He isn’t repenting of anything! He hasn’t taken revenge on the whole world yet like he wanted…


Poor kid… Just 15 years old… That’s our EGE for you [Note: national exam, taken around 15-16] … No one’s insured against this!!! A huge shortcoming in education! This is how you need to love your country RUSSIA in order to assume something similar… Wake up – these are our CHILDREN!!!

Vladimir Fedotov: (responding to above)

Mayakovsky said, “A son will grow into a swine, if he’s the son of swines himself”. He’s like a (Soviet) born killer. They’re making a fuss out of the last scoundrel (as if the father’s somewhere “around”), our police officers should have bumped this vile bastard off on the spot in the good American police tradition.

Alfira Khasanova: (responding to above)

What does the EGE have to do with it?! It looks like he had some serious problems in his family. Why aren’t they writing anything about his family? Judging by the text, he didn’t have a mother, only a father and a grandmother.

Pavel Romanov: (responding to above)

Russia is no more.

Yuri Belkin:

This Seryozha’s an intelligent guy, a realist..

Elena Petrova: (responding to above)

Yes, good job. He thought realistically, now he’ll realistically go to jail. Then he’ll get out and live out his life realistically destroyed by his own hands.

Irina Prosto: (responding to above)

Yeah right… now they’ll quickly prove that he’s a psycho. he’ll go to the hospital for a year and a half, then they’ll let him out when he “gets better”.

Maxim Yugov:

With a rifle and a carbine he was going to kill himself from two barrels in school, total rubbish. he saw the police and started to shoot out of fright. Why don’t they say who this murderer’s father is.

Olga Log:

How can you sympathize with a murderer? People! It means when any monster is torturing and murdering a child everybody screams, “the maniacs are loose! bring back the death penalty !” Now a young immoral monster murders the father of young children and a police officer, everybody’s talking about his talent and some nervous breakdown! Security guards – old ladies or guys with an alcohol dependency – drove away school psychologists because they’re not needed.. A shame to the whole education system! […]

Iris Evgen: (responding to above)

Schizophrenia like this needs to be cured by the death penalty.

Liza Podliza:

Tell us about his dad
This information is being hushed up
And for a reason

Sergei Gorelikov: (responding to above)

Read the Bible! Not a thing can serve as justification for killing a person! An arsenal like that and conspiracy speaks of thorough preparation, not of some state of affect. Or they’ve gotten used to defending criminals with these terms.

Iris Evgen:

The guy has an intensification of schizophrenia. And I still don’t understand how it’s possible to teach a serious classic demanding considerable life experience and maturity for understanding – to children!?? Here it will even confuse a healthy child – already with psychotic pathologies more so.

Dasha Romanina:

Let him kill himself, the monster….only in reality is our education system in fact to blame. If you want to pretend to be the west, then you’ll reap what you sow…

Elena Sergeeva:

I wonder if this guy had been a C student, would they bring him a cookie and tea?


He’s just sick.. I feel sorry for those killed.. but I’m sorry for his family too.. they just loved him.. it’s all SHOOT-EM-UP games!


Absolutely the influence of a tyrant of a father. Especially former soldiers show off about this (and here also FSB agents most likely). “Love yourself, sneeze on everybody, and in life success awaits you!”((( The guy had a delicate subtle soul, his dad twisted it. From the contradictions, the lad fell in with the Raskolnikovs, check the theory… “Raskolnikov syndrome”.

[Note: Raskolnikov is the main character of Crime & Punishment]

Oleg Nakat:

From Matthew 10:21: “children will rebel against their parents and have them put to death.”

Evgeny Novikov:

How many children have a “nervous breakdown”, the maximum that they do is jump from heights and slit their wrists. But they don’t kill those around them

Yuri Belkin: (responding to above)

Weaklings jump and slit their wrists; those who have balls, before leaving the world taking them try to redraw it. I can’t say that I approve of either of the two options, but the second one is more correct.

Vera Gorinova:

I’m getting the feeling that they’re defending the murderer: everything’s directed at acknowledging him as deranged at the moment of the crime….

Vasya Mukaltin:

The lady had some unhealthy conversations with Gordeev.

Janitor syndrome, a classic: instead of immediately calling for professionals (or at least parents) she decided to take care of her ward’s brains herself. She took care of it.

I wonder how long their relations went on for. Thinkers, damn.

Ruslan Kudusov:

I don’t know what they’re trying to do, but a fact that I see accurately is that the guy was smart.
And he said everything correctly. Everyone has his or her own goals, with which it’s easier to live. There’s all the crap that they’re trying to prove in school and explain to children in regards to good and evil. This all provoked him to prove to the world that he’s right.
I went to school myself. And I remember this entire demagogy wonderfully. The guy wasn’t thinking for his years – that’s for sure.
It doesn’t justify him, of course. He’s a murderer.

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