Tymoshenko Released from Jail after Four Years

From Ridus.ru:

Tymoshenko Out of Jail

Ex-Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko is freed from imprisonment. She’s left the Kharkov Ukrzaliznytsya Clinic where she was being treated.

Tymoshenko’s daughter Evgeniya came to meet her. It’s known that after her release she’ll head on a special flight to Kiev.

Previously the Verkhovna Rada [Note: Ukrainian parliament] passed a bill changing the country’s Criminal Procedure Code in such a way that Tymoshenko could be released. So, under Article 364 – the abuse of power or office, the part on committing actions “from selfish motives either in other personal interests or interests of third parties” as a sign of crime was replaced to the goal of receiving an unjustifiable benefit and they decided to completely exclude Article 365 on the abuse of authority by an officer of a legal entity of private rights independent of organizational and legal form from the country’s Criminal Code.

322 deputies, an absolute majority, voted for the changes leading to Tymoshenko’s release, reports RT.

Yulia Tymoshenko, who previously occupied the post of Ukrainian prime minister, was tried in 2011 for abusing her power while signing gas contracts with Russia and was supposed to spend 7 years in prison. Since May 2012 she has been in hospital for treatment.

Let’s remember that European politicians were calling Yulia Tymoshenko’s release one of the most important conditions on the path to Ukraine’s European integration.

Comments from Ridus.ru:

Yuri Ivanovich:

Here’s the smartass Rada members – they couldn’t reverse the court’s decision, so they changed the code..


All the mayhem was only for the sake of this… Now the path to Europe and NATO is open for Ukraine.


Of course, now they’ll elect her as president and Mother Theresa and an icon of financial purity.


Oh yeah. She got better right away. She’s even ready to be elected as president :-))

fenix-girl: (responding to above)

She has claustrophobia.

Lidia Arkadievna:

What were they thinking there, if they put her in jail to stay, and she up and left, there’s a rat. After Stalin died, if everyone he sent to the Gulag camps were freed, what would’ve begun, it’d be terrible. People stayed, they put them in jail to stay, there has to be some kind of responsibility, which is why somebody with legal responsibilities should decide over time whether to release you or not. Except it’s just braid, braid, braid for her She stole money from good Ukrainians and gave it to us, but we took it, and because she’s bad, they decided to put her in jail. Now bad Ukrainians want her to steal money from Yanukovich, what we gave him and she gave to them, the bad ones. Why didn’t he just shoot her?


Yeah where could Ukraine go without its liberated symbol… not entirely Ukrainian in nationality.


Her arrival to power will only prolong the torments of Ukraine as a unified state. Civil war and schism are already just inevitable. The Nazis have tasted power and blood. They don’t care about anyone and anything. A pity for the people.:(

Kalashnikov Mihail:

Through the corpses to power. Witch


Who has any forecasts, guesses when the next Maidan will be?..is everybody really blind)


It’ll be after the nationalists having fortified themselves with the next portion of the impoverished and famished citizens, begin hanging their “brothers” like today’s maidan. The important thing for Russia is to not give the Ukrainian government money. Then it’ll happen after electing a new president,i.e. in the summer. It’s already more than obvious.

Bespartiyny: (responding to above)

Now they won’t stop without money – we won’t give it (improbably we will) and the US will give it to the EU… We also know that they’ll stir shit up again… was it worth it to begin? They didn’t even steal this… I don’t understand what this is… a real masked, military coup, it doesn’t bear thinking about…

nashevsyo: (responding to above)

The EU and the US have their own problems bearing in mind the instability for these last few years …
I doubt that now they can talk about serious financial “injections” into a country that clearly won’t exist for long (in this form). Now, a civil war is starting.

nashevsyo: (responding to above)

The question is about the sum, i.e. the amount of money.:)Will it be enough for independence-I strongly doubt it:)Will they introduce a contingent?))) It would 100% mean that they’d lose some of their power and a piece of Ukraine.

Niko Griby Belik:

Let’s guess. There will be the FRU (Federative Republic of Ukraine).
And that FRU will consist of Lands. In each such Land will be its own Maidan. Then, after they’ve been divided up into Lands, the Land of Crimea and the Land of the East and the Land of Kiev etc. will leave that Federation and become members of Russia.

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