Ukraine’s Prime Minister Tenders Resignation Amid Protests

From Echo Moskvy:


“Today the most important thing is preserving Ukraine’s unity and wholeness, it’s much more important than someone’s personal plans or ambitions, and it is for this reason I have taken this decision,” explained Azarov.
By law, the head of state is free from his position from the moment the presidential order accepting his resignation is published. The retirement of the whole Cabinet of Ministers follows. The new government should be formed within two months, during which time time the prime minister continues to fulfill his duties.
Today the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine repealed a majority of the laws passed on January 16 – the opposition insisted on this. Deputies will examine the law giving amnesty to the participants of the protests at an evening session.

Azarov’s resignation is an element in a tactical game by Yanukovich’s team, feels Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev.

Prime Minister Azarov’s resignation will hardly influence the internal political crisis in the Ukraine, feels Head of the Institute of CIS Countries Konstantin Zatulin. He recalled that the Ukrainian opposition has already refused positions in government. If Yanukovich were to name one of his own the new prime minister, such a change wouldn’t surprise oppositionists either.

People who are currently at Maidan don’t believe the state’s promises and aren’t going to disperse. Echo Moskvy radio station correspondents were convinced of this having surveyed people on the street.

The Head of European Diplomacy Catherine Ashton is headed out to Kiev this evening. She plans to hold conversations with the Ukrainian president and opposition leaders. Ashton says that she’s seriously disturbed by the situation in the Ukraine; in her opinion, the only way out of the conflict is political.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Finally the swine that hated everything Ukrainian’s flown out! Now there won’t be people in government who don’t speak UKRAINIAN! It’s not CHINESE!

ishodnik: (responding to above)

That’s right, Ukrainian is a dialect of Russian))

antiport2: (responding to above)

Need to whack you with a textbook on linguistics. You still wouldn’t read it though.

rombek: (responding to above)

The main thing’s not in the language, the main thing’s that Azarov’s a thief, liar, and rare kind of bastard. If their own laws on laundering stolen money were to be implemented in Europe, then all the Austrian firms and Pazorov and his sonnies’ real estate should’ve been confiscated a while ago.

alnik0457: (responding to above)

And what to tell them, these controllers, great autocrats..

pobeda666: (responding to above)

Ha-Ha-Ha! Look what language they spoke in KIEVAN RUS!

ishodnik: (responding to above)

You just stayed still while the language developed, this is why it’s a dialect)))

alnik0475: (responding to above)

And Russians are a mix of Finno-Ugrians, Tatar, Mongol, and God knows what else.

minerr: (responding to above)

Do you want to talk about the purity of the nation living on the territory of modern Ukraine? Believe me, it won’t be to your advantage.

martinik: (responding to above)

“Now there won’t be people in government who don’t speak UKRAINIAN!”

Bring back Yushch[enko], he speaks Ukrainian better than everyone. What else do you need to do?


Gotta go…


The only smart one left the government. The retards won!

welder56: (responding to above)

Well kids, this is victory for the Ukrainian people, Azarov resigning, repeal of draconian laws,and Berkut in court.
I personally bow my head before the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people.

tytykin: (responding to above)

Where’s the victory, in that they took away an alright guy and put in a thief from a family of oligarchs – Arbuzov? I implore you )))

welder56: (responding to above)

Are you afraid to acknowledge it? The people of Ukraine are not vegetables, you won’t make them sing to the tune of bandits.

minerr: (responding to above)

///The people of Ukraine are not vegetables..///

It turns out the peoples of Europe are vegetables and choose presidents and governments with such a wild way – at elections. No, they should go out onto the squares, burn a thousand tires, break all the glass around.

welder56: (responding to above)

Tell me again what kind of salary the people of Europe have and also write how in Europe bureaucrats break the law together with the president, and their children become billionaires like Sasha Yanukovich.

martinik: (responding to above)

[…] A prime minister needs to be chosen at Maidan, by a simple raise of hands.
Maidan, now, is the only legislative organ.


Here’s what happens when 1 000 000 go out onto a square !

Although Com. TYTYKIN calls them retards…

tytykin: (responding to above)

Take away three zeros…

jalokin: (responding to above)

No, a thousand couldn’t crap on the capital like that…


I’m glad!


It’s right he left ,he’ll be the first presidential candidate of the southeast Russian Federation.


Ukrainian Jews are split up into the brave and the terrible. The first leave – the latter stay

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