Vladimir Putin and the Future of the Rebellion in Ukraine

From Kommersant

”Vladimir Putin wants to double check the information he receives from his subordinates”

The Dutch Safety Board has reported that they will publicize the data recovered from the in-flight recorders from the Malaysian Airlines Boeing only after an investigation as to the tragedy’s causes. The Board did not specify the reasons for such a decision. Kommersant’s special correspondent Andrei Kolyesnikov speculates as to how they will react to the “black box” data in Russia.

The Russian and global public alike are waiting for when the results of the investigation of the “black boxes” will be published. Many in Russia sincerely regret that the boxes fell into the hands of the English, who, of course, will not miss their chance and, along with the Americans, will give this story long-awaited documentary development.

And how could Vladimir Putin have allowed this to happen? Did he really not understand that by approving the transfer of the “black boxes” to the Dutch, he was practically giving them over to the hands of the British, into the hands of enemies – at the very least, enemies in the information war?

Perhaps the fact of the matter is that he did understand.

If we assume that in this, as in any other war (and even during peacetime, of course) one shouldn’t trust anyone, then it’s entirely possible that the Russian president wants to at least double check the information he receives from his subordinates across different channels.

What exactly happened over there? Maybe the truth is that the militia (or, as he recently took to calling them, resistance fighters) played no role? To say nothing of Russian soldiers? Maybe the Ukrainian soldiers are also innocent? There has not been any sort of clarity lately.

The Russian president, not fully trusting anyone, quite possibly wants yet another channel of information: by relying on the fact that the evaluation of the “black boxes” will develop under the control of numerous specialists from different countries, and that this is the actual situation, not one where the British may have something to hide or are even planning to do so.

If it does finally turn out that the militia had a hand in this event, it will radically change relations with them. Even if it would turn out to have been a fatal accident…

Dead children, and adults and the elderly as well, are for him nevertheless a red line, which he cannot cross for any reason. To shield those who did this, knowing what they have done… No, he would not carry this sin on his conscience. It’s not worth it.

So as not to overstep, however, he has to know who did this. He has evidently received all he could from his sources. Now he would like to receive something from outsiders. Of course, not from agents of the Security Service of Ukraine, as everything is all too clear with them.

I reiterate, if it turns out that the resistance fighters did not know that a Boeing had been shot down, and only realized when plane debris and the remains of passengers rained down upon them, then all ties with them will be reevaluated once and for all.

Vladimir Putin will certainly turn away from them.

Comments from Kommersant


If the militia aren’t guilty, Putin will turn away from them…from whom among them isn’t clear.

Ivan Petrov: (responding to above)

Guys, enough of living in a fairy tale. Please. Major specialists shot down the plane. Is it really not clear?


So casualties in large quantities (much more than on the plane), the peaceful citizens of Donbass, women, the elderly, children – that’s not a red line. Maybe because they aren’t Dutch? It’s a bit cynical.

Eugene Lazarenko: (responding to above)

The citizens of Donbass are not citizens of Russia, even if they speak in Russian. According to official statistics, the amount of citizens that have died during the course of the anti-terrorist campaign is comparable with the amount of passengers on the plane, only with two hundred more. That the militia isn’t conducting an honest partisan war, but crowds together in the cities – that is, effectively hiding behind these women, the elderly, and children- will stay on their consciences. And the consciences of those Russian citizens (Stryelkov, Babaya and their ilk) that took charge of the rebellion.

Ronnie james: (responding to above)

The key word is Savur-Mogila [note: a strategic height on the borders of the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts in Ukraine, from where the separatists have shot down numerous aircraft]. There aren’t any peaceful citizens there. They’ve taken it? They’ve been storming it for two months.

gromich: (responding to above)

They’ve taken it. And the Seps are trying with all their might to beat them back, without success.

Людмила Калиниченко:

And what’s not clear – if Ukrainian forces did this, then relations will be as before. If it was the militia, relations will change. No one will be shielded. And that’s that.

Verhman Ilya: (responding to above)

Really, everything’s clear to you? Interesting. Presumably, you’re a master specialist of a Boeing aircraft’s structural performance? Or, maybe, you’re a designer for the black box’s telemetry? No? Are you a typical Russian philistine of the female sex? If that’s so, be so kind as to wait for the official results of the investigation.


It seems Kolesnikov himself had trouble understanding what he wanted to write about.

Fuck off: (responding to above)

Yep, it’s not clear what connection the Russian president has to the airplane that was shot down over the territory of a foreign government and which didn’t have a single Russian citizen on board? And why does this Russian president call everyone in Europe and tell them about the catastrophe, which he himself says he has no connection to? The author of the article still lives with a Soviet mentality, surrounded by enemies, into whose hands the wrong information could end up. Watch how he squirms around in his seat with wild guesses, wondering what these “enemies” can dig up.


Judging by the article, the official “jettison” of Donbass is in the works. They don’t understand that they’re going to be damned along with all their kin. Russia will stand up and unite all its lands, thus a desirable fate awaits them and their kin. The choice has already been made, and later it will be too late to say “I didn’t have another way.” Everyone will have their day. We’re waiting, sir.

aldamo: (responding to above)

And why’s that? Which of “its” lands will Russia unite? Can you be a bit clearer? Did you only mean the Crimea and Donbass, or maybe there’s somewhere else that needs to be consolidated into Russia? Did you also mean Belarus? What about Kazakhstan? There are loads of Russians there? And Turkmenistan? Russia will unite all, with fire and sword?

al3101961: (responding to above)

A return to the borders of 1945. With who there, fire and sword? Don’t be funny.

aldamo: (responding to above)

1. For what? 2. Do they have the power? 3. Why to the borders of ’45? Why not 1913, for example?Are you giving Poland and Finland away? 4. In other words, we’ll take back Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan? Hurah! 5. What about the Baltic states? 6. It will be unavoidable to use fire and sword in any case, as the whole world would be against Russia, don’t you think? If we couldn’t secure a foothold in Afghanistan, where does this bravado come from?

czerni: (also responding to previous commenter)

Russia (then named RSFSR) possessed the Crimea as per the borders of 1945. That’s true. But it didn’t possess Karelia, nor the Kaliningrad oblast, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the Kuril Islands, Pechory, Ivangorod, Pytalov, nor even half of Kabadra and other pieces of the Caucasus. Calling for a return to the 1945 borders can only be understood as a call for the destruction of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Yes, yes, even Donbass wasn’t part of Russia. It then belonged to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, a member of the UN, by the way!

al3101961: (responding to above)

Only you think Russia was called the RSFSR, but for everyone else RUSSIA is the USSR, Rus. Empire. And what the commies cut out of other republics is their problem (Lenin wasn’t thinking of RUSSIA, with Wonderful Joseph being against, mind you), it’s true they became ours. Whoever was a part of us, remained a part of us.


What a load of shit! Facts remain facts regardless of an investigation. Ukrainian dispatchers sent the plane into an active combat zone. Even if the militia shot it down, the blame is not theirs!


Where is the certainty that he’ll turn away from them? Did he himself tell the author? No one knows what’s going on in this man’s head except himself. We’ve already become pariahs, thanks to him alone.

Vladimir Tkachenko:

Yeah yeah, as usual “The tsar is good, the boyars are bad” [note: a reference to a Russian Imperial adage, which blamed the boyars for misfortune] :))) How naïve!

Pyotr Lyubimenko:

The author is a fool. What is there for him to prove, it’s all clear here, we were one step away from sending troops, today, June 30, 2014, when CNN suddenly announced that the ballistic missiles weren’t launched along Russia, and suddenly the rockets didn’t land anywhere…they simply disappeared into thin air, while the Yanks were taken by SHIVERS – a new weapon appeared in Russia and they suddenly called the TERRORISTS FROM DONBASS PARTIES TO THE NEGOTIATIONS…it’s clear that it’s going badly for the Yanks, extreme hysteria…

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