Vladimir Putin Promises Safety to Crimean Tatars

From Echo Moskvy:


Vladimir Putin promised to give Crimean Tatars a guarantee of safety and also the rights that they got earlier from the Ukrainian governments. Former Head of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars Mustafa Dzhemilev reported this after a telephone conversation with the Russian president.

Dzhemilev feels that the best guarantee of safety on the peninsular would be the withdrawal of Russian forces. We note that in the Kremlin they’re not commenting on the fact of the telephone conversation with Dzhemilev yet. Previously it was reported that the former head of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars had received an agreement for a conversation with Putin from Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


You can’t ever believe a Second-Hand Cheka officer , it’s more expensive for yourself . He’s building a new Chechnya

arye_03: (responding to above)

This promiser has already given Ukraine guarantees of safety.
Nice guy.
He promises to get married,but it doesn’t definitely mean that he’s getting married

proost: (responding to above)

Vladimir Putin promised to give Crimean Tatars guarantees of safety…why not check…at least once…Stalin ensured their safety – he moved them further from the fascist German invaders… Vova is a great provocateur – he’ll move them from the fascist Russian invaders…and they’ll live compactly in safety…or they won’t …

bosen48: (responding to above)

What kind of agreements can there be when inadequate people seized the government in the Ukraine. The most decent person from Germany stated that she’ll take away Russia’s bases in Crimea. Here they screwed up with the language and Russian-speakers themselves asked to join Russia. Who in the World is fulfilling their agreements?

login_net: (responding to above)

//Previously it was reported that the former head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis had received an agreement for a conversation with Putin from Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. //

What a load of rubbish! Oy… ((

bosen48: (responding to above)

Well the provocateurs are these Crimeans. It means Putin won’t acknowledge the new governments and this questions Yatsenyuk’s decision. What then has he not asked Yanukovich who is acting tsar of all of Ukraine by the skin of his teeth?

arsikjazz: (responding to above)

The rabid wolf gave the sheep GUARANTEES OF SAFETY if they voluntarily move to the wild forest


He was saying that there aren’t forces in Crimea.Only in the places of the Black Sea Fleet’s stationing.


Guarantees again? Who will believe you now, Vova…


I know three things under the sun that I know that I won’t ever believe in – in the lord god, Father Christmas, and Putin’s promises.

edinoross: (responding to above)

what, there’s no Father Christmas?


We all know wonderfully what Russia’s guarantee to ensure Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for nuclear weapons is worth.

[Note: this is a reference to an agreement between Russia and Ukraine in which Russia agreed to protect Ukrainian territorial integrity in exchange for their nuclear weapons.]

bosen48: (responding to above)

And we know how NATO isn’t advancing on the East. Why do these people obeying only Maidan need nuclear weapons? To scare the whole World? “The nuclear weapons that were located on Ukrainian territory were not theirs – they were Russian nuclear weapons: the button’s in Russia, the production of nuclear weapons is in Russia. We couldn’t have done anything with these nuclear weapons,” stated Kravchuk.
Kravhuk stated that today there are politicians that exploit this question with the goal of receiving political dividends, but if Ukraine hadn’t refused nuclear weapons – it would be even poorer.


Russia’s already promised Ukraine its integrity once.
Only a madman can believe the Kremlin.


The Crimean Tatars should remember that the twelfth tome of putin’s pre-electoral promises is coming out………

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