Director of Maidan Film Boycotts Russian Journalists at Cannes

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Maidan Film Director Declares Boycott of Russian Journalists

Sergei Loznitsa refused to give interviews to Russian reporters at Cannes

The tragic events, which, over the period of the last months, took place on Maidan, have been reflected not only in the work of 49-year-old director Sergei Loznitsa, but also in his relation to representatives of Russia. The film’s creator refused to talk about the film, Maidan, which has already caused a stir with Russian journalists and all Russia people, reports the tabloid Super.

“Sergei and his team have a principled position in this regard, they’re not giving one-to-one interviews to anyone from Russia,” Ukrainian pavilion manager Olexandra Mykolishyna said. “Russian journalists can come to the general press conference, that’s all. You understand, due to the events that took place on Maidan, it’s Loznita’s personal relation to Russia. His decision is in connection with this.”

Let us recall, the documentary film Maidan will be screened at Cannes as part of the Special Screening program. Furthermore, on the opening day of the Russian pavilion, Roskino general director Ekaterina Mtsituridze declared that, regardless of recent events, the atmosphere in the Russian House at Cannes will remain friendly towards everyone, independent of nationality.

“We’re happy for everybody and independently of the political climate,” stated Mtituridze.

Let us recall, in 2010 Loznitsa showed the Russophobic film My Joy at Cannes. In the picture, which takes place in our country, the director showed Russians in an unflattering light.

Comments from LifeNews

Nik Nikovich:

So he needs to be asked to at the press conference. I personally didn’t know that there was any such film or director before this.

Sibirsky Tatarin: (responding to above)

shower the khokhlomord [Note: offensive term to refer to Ukrainians] with balls… rotten ones… [Note: this reference is due to the fact that Russians use “eggs” as a euphemism for balls.]

Artur Fateev: (responding to above)

It’s crap, straight PR

pottpol: (responding to above)

Это нормально во время тотальной пропаганды. Проще показывать единодушие скачущего майдана: “Кто не скачет, тот Москаль…” He’s afraid of the truth. The truth about the police officer beatings, the truth about Parubiy’s snipers, mad neo-Nazism from the western regions, Khatyn in Odessa… It’s fine during times of total propaganda. It’s simpler to show the unanimity of those who download Maidan: “Whoever doesn’t download it is a Moskal…”

Serebenin Anton: (responding to above)

It’s really not hard to guess the reason. There, European journalists can still be lied to, and will accept this “pro-Maidan” heresy, but oh how hard it will be to answer the questions of those who are at least more or less in the know of what’s happening

Andrei Petukhov: (responding to above)

He (Loznitsa) didn’t know that he was a director either :-)

Andrei Sibirtsev: (responding to above)

Well, their main argument is that there were “good people” on maidan who stood for “good” ideals. But who will dare to say and point their finger – who and how they stole it all from them … The truth is that from the beginning all this was directed by the provocateurs from the US, EU, and local governments, i.e. they sold and bought them even BEFORE they went out onto the street!

svk68: (responding to above)

Ukraine is a project that could escalate into the stage of being a state and become a country. But, there’s Nazism, there’s corruption, and the greed of the local elites, so they didn’t let the project develop to the stage of the state, they remained a project. The same with the nation, (excluding Galicians).

sergei ivanov:

How worried the khokhols are, put out the light. He’s not giving interviews, and God be with him. It’s the lying in his film, that’s what he’s afraid of.

Loki xxx:

Who is he really? Who, aside from his Maidanite brothers, knows him? Who’s interested in this crap at all ?

Oleg Afonin:

The “director” understands that he won’t be able to answer uncomfortable questions, there’s the whole farce for you. Massive shame!

Andrei Sibirtsev: (responding to above)

+ he’s making himself out as such a champion of truth, I say I don’t want to have anything to do with THESE … To hell with you, we had you …

Vladimir Kovalenko:

“Russians in an unfavorable… “ so let him film Yarosh and Kolomoisky in a favorable light, those are probably his ideals.

Darina Kharkovchanka:

How evil you all are, it’s disgusting to read…

totkogoneznali: (responding to above)

Tell that to the Odessites

rusak voinov:

Censorship! The champion of freedom of speech is Europe, it’s contradicting itself

apogee apogee:

The man is pulling a PR stunt. Who knew about this director before today? No one. Now the readers of LifeNews found out about him. It’s true, tomorrow they’ve already forgotten, but the man managed to grasp a minute of glory.

Ivan Nikolaevich:

Well the film is seemingly composed of pieces of excerpts and not the whole context of what’s going on!

Alexei Novozhilov:

Yet another scrap of the West was found. Maidanite clowns, they themselves don’t live calmly and don’t let simple people. Pretty much, perverts in the direct and transferable meaning of the word.

alex rus:

This so-called patriot was born in Belarus and is depicting an ideological salo eater

Viktor Dmitrievich:

Who is he anyway?! Well, he doesn’t want to – to hell with him!

Igor Reutov:

We’ve been sponsoring the Austrians’ pavilion for the past 9 years. The Ukrainians have been one of the most unpleasant teams at the festival for all these years. Conversing with them is hard: either they slither or there’s an avalanche of arrogance. Shove a French passport in their face – they’re ready to drop to your feet. Wretchedness…

Valera Shatilov:

He’s just on the yanks’ payroll!!!

Alexey Mikhailovich: (responding to above)

And shot the film on their $$$

Fanni Kaplan:

I don’t get it, Loznitsa hasn’t shown the film yet and everything’s already being judged? Or has he already? A bad film might come out, so would it be pointless for the press to go? What’s unpleasant is at least Cannes could be left without politics! And now Cannes will be in tolerant networks: how can you voice an opinion about the “great Maidan” or how not voice an opinion about it? Well the fair director, Loznitsa, is a documentary filmmaker; he shot a good Russo-modernist film last time – did he have to stick out with Maidan? They’ll let him; of course, these ones will give it to him!!

Filippov Alexander:

Everyone has the right to hold his or her position. In the given instance it’s not the appearance of Russophobia, but the fear of the following persecution within the country after his return from the festival. I followed all the events at Maidan attentively and came to a self-sustaining argument, which every thinking person will come to. The past Maidan was gathered and directed and constantly heightened from within. The only goal was to overthrow “bloody” Yanukovych’s allegedly pro-Russian regime by any means.

Nastasia Filippovna:

It’d be good to pass on the smell of urine that Maidan emits when the film will be shown.

Vitaly Pichkasov:

An ungifted director shooting a total lie.

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