Balalaika Cover of Sting Song Reignites Debate on US Ban

From Ya Plakal

CRAZYBALALAIKA – banned instrument

Incidentally, balalaikas are legally prohibited in the USA

Comments from Ya Plakal


This is great. I liked it.




Nice one Dima! Has Sting seen this?


Sting probably promoted the law :) But it’s great anyway. Does this guy have anything similar?


I suggest we ban the USA legally.


This is great, thanks


What seriously? [Are balalaikas banned?] Where can we write? Where’s the petition about infringing on our rights?


HANDS OFF the balalaika!


Great!! A very nice clip, nice and light…


Unusual sound, but it’s good.


OK, I can understand balalaikas. What about bears with nuclear reactors? And if we can, then how many gigawatts are the reactors allowed to be?


Great. This is Russian to the core!!!


This is top notch… will there be any more?


Banning balalaikas isn’t true, IMHO

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  • Ras

    In no sense is the balalaika banned in the USA. The only actual ban on instruments the US has in place is Iranian manufactured instruments, at the present time, AFAIK.

    • Warren Lauzon

      That is true. I did some searching, and that original fake ban was actually started as a joke in 2010, but some people took it for real. Just search eBay or Amazon for one, and hundreds are for sale. The only actual ban ever that I know of was a temporary ban on the Iranian made ones, as you mentioned. I believe there was a different type of ban on a few stringed instruments (mostly made in China) that used strings made from endangered species, but that would have applied to all, not just balalaika.

  • Anna Presman

    Good cover. Everything’s better with balalaikas. And I actually thought the ban joke was serious for a moment, because didn’t they ban Russian vodka or something?

  • UserID01

    This was an awesome cover. I need to know who this guy is so I can look up more of his music.

  • The John

    Sigh… Russia Slam is a lonely lonely place. That is why I will post here more. I think Russia is an interesting place. Mainly, due to some chilled Russians I met recently.

    • +1 on russiaSLAM being a lonely place. It’s weird, because articles about high-level Russian political affairs (usually involving the government and/or military) on news sites like Bloomberg and The Economist get hundreds if not thousands of comments, but it seems like significantly less are interested in the more intimate aspects of Russian everyday life. I’ll admit that many times I’ll read and enjoy a russiaSLAM article but then have nothing interesting to add as a comment.

      • MeCampbell30

        Sometimes I wish russiaSLAM had a resident troll just so I could talk about some of the stories.

        • Just as long as it’s not that Fred Fong fella…

  • Edward Kay

    they banned it coz its a few strings short. It’ll contaminate the eco system

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