Canadian Trainer Helps Russian Skier Make it over Finish Line

From Ya Plakal:

Olympic Spirit

Canadian trainer Justin Wadsworth ran out onto the skiing course to swap the broken ski of the Russian competitor Anton Gafarov, not far from the finish line!!! He’s a direct competitor of his team! Watch the video…

Comments from Ya Plakal:


That’s true sportsmanship. Respect to the Canadians!


I’ve been waiting to watch this video. I don’t watch the TV, but at least I can watch it here )))


It’s good that sport isn’t always a procession of shit and schadenfreude. Sport should unite people. That’s what it’s for.

There are too many excuses to shit on it.


Nice one, obviously, to the Canadian trainer. But why did he do it, rather than our trainer, or his helpers, or volunteers?

ЗлойПрапор: (responding to above)

Nice one, obviously, to the Canadian trainer.
That should have been enough. What does it matter “who, where, how much”?

yaros2510: (responding to above)

Well, the Russian trainer was probably standing far away from where Gafarov broke his ski…


It’s just a shame that this is the exception not the rule.


Ours helped out the German team, the Canadians helped our lot, that’s exactly how it should be.


That’s how everyone should treat everyone else. Nice one to the Canadian trainer.


Shitty Chinese skis and shitty Chinese poles!


The only thing I don’t understand is where our trainers were with the back-up skis at the time.


Nice one, a true trainer! I believe that there are lots of people like this!


Nice one! True sportsmanship and respect to your competitors.


Decent human behaviour. The Canadian is a true man. Ah, and as has become fashionable recently: “let’s give him citizenship” )))


Well, if the Canadians beat our lot at hockey, at least I won’t be too upset.


Thank you, Mr Justin Wadsworth!


Sportsmen never act differently, regardless of which sport


Maybe he mixed him up with his lot?


This is the reason I love sport

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