Explosions Rock Russian City of Volgograd

From YouTube:

From YouTube:

The following video shows human corpses. Discretion is advised.

Comments from YouTube to the first video:

Che Burchat:

We extend our sympathy to the families of those killed and the whole of the Hero City of Volgograd! We mourn with you! Stay strong!

[Note: Hero City is an accolade given to cities that suffered serious casualties during WWII]

Евгений Костенко:

Only absolute shameful animals fight against peaceful citizens!!! Ukraine is mourning the dead.

Багдан Никитин:

Monsters! Why peaceful people, children? Where were our much-praised special services?


Heartfelt sympathy to the families of those killed and injured during the terror acts in Volgograd…

Oleg Roy:

Personally, I like muslims, but I dislike terrorists. And blowing themselves up is not going to change anything.

Hrach Hambaryan:

Not all muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are muslims.

Mike Tyson:

People from 7 different nationalities and religions were injured and killed in these terror acts… there’s something else going on here, think about who this benefits.

Александр Хотенко:

Go and blow up the White House in Moscow.

Илья Онофрийчук:

This is terrible. I feel very sorry for these people.

Comments from YouTube to the second video:


Strange that all this kinds of shit ends up on dashcams, and look how many cars were here and not a single video…

dorstop borj:

WHY you fuckers, why have you done this and injured kids, old people and women, how can you live after this, you’re going to hell, not heaven you monsters.

Andrey Lukyanov:

Fuck you Islamists!

Вероника Дарнова:

Why the buses, trolley buses and train stations? These are not rich people… by the way, you can take one million roubles from one billion dollars and feed everyone

Ezio Auditore:

Violence begets violence.

Андрей Рабышков:

100% this is agents provocateurs

Комса Ком:

Those that did this are animal scum

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