Rumours Russian Spetsnaz Arrive In Ukraine Denied


From Echo Moskvy:

Reports that Russian Spetsnaz have landed in the Ukraine have been called “obviously rubbish” by the country’s interior ministry

The agency’s press department said that opposition supporters are often mistaken. In particular, sometimes the Crimean Berkut units are confused with Russian Spetsnaz because their chevrons are written in Russian letters and the logo on the helmet is somewhat similar to the Russian flag”, says Itar-Tass.

Earlier today, the Batkivschina party announced that they were investigating reports that around 1,000 Russian Spetsnaz troops had arrived in the Ukraine.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


If you see these people, immediately report it to the Resistance Headquarters. Be careful, professional Russian murderers from a country of degenerates and scoundrels are on Ukrainian territory

ksp_1: (responding to above)

Freelance Welder, why don’t you head over to Maidan and see if there’s not anything you can weld?

langolier_: (responding to above)

Like his testicles to the barricades?

sidorov99: (responding to welder56)

They’ve gotta catch the villains

evgeniy931: (responding to welder56)

If you see these people, immediately head to Mental Hospital no. 6 in Kiev. All this information is being collected personally by welder5 [sic], the head of the resistance headquarters. He’s Napoleon!

nedroff: (responding to welder56)

You’re a freak welder56. A bullet hitting you would be a shame, wretch.


They’re used to lying without even caring about whether it’s plausible. They don’t need facts, just something to shout about.


Obviously rubbish.


“[…] have been called ‘obviously rubbish’ by the country’s interior ministry”

Which country?


Well, if there’s a rumour and the interior ministry are denying it, then it’s clear that they have arrived. I don’t think they’re there to break up Maidan, they’re there to pull Yanukovich out.


So what, the battle continues?


Means they’ve arrived after all.


Everything’s possible, you can’t rule anything out.

Written by Joe Innes

Editor of russiaSLAM, Joe Innes, loves all things Russian (well - most things!) and is currently living in St. Petersburg. Please feel free to get in touch by Twitter, Facebook, or by using the contact form on the "About" page.

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    I really don’t think that fat ass in the photo represents the feared Spetsnaz.

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    Who needs video games?
    Spetsnaz can be like a sub-boss.

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    This website is as happening as a club in Afghanistan.

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    the guy in the pic doesn’t look scary. just fat, sad, and lonely lol

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