St Petersburg Shootout Shocks Russian Netizens

From Ya Plakal:

Shoot-out in St Petersburg

As LifeNews have discovered, one of the motorists felt as though he had been cut up. The passengers of both cars did not stay out of it, and drew weapons. Serious injuries and traumas were avoided. However, the passenger from the second imported car was hit on the head, and his eyebrow was split.

“A report came in from witnesses of a road battle”, the head of the St Petersburg Interior Ministry said. “According to the witnesses, the Volvo unexpectedly swung into the right hand lane and cut up the SUV. The BMW X5 driver jumped out of the car, followed by another four people who headed towards the other party who had slowed down.”

The following events developed as though it were a Hollywood blockbuster. A short fist fight finished with one of the passengers being slightly injured, his eyebrow had been split open. Then, the participants form both sides drew pistols and opened fire.

Fortunately, not a single bullet hit its target. When other motorists began to stop around the shooters, the assailants jumped into the off-roader and fled the scene. The people from the other car also drove off before police arrived.

“Now an investigation into the incident will take place”, the police source continues. “We are trying to establish the registration number of the BMW X5, in order to identify its owner.”

Comments from Ya Plakal:


This is Russia, kid…


Season 15 of “Gangster St Petersburg”, no?


It’s as though this video isn’t from the cultural capital, but from the gangster Chicago during Al Capone’s time.


Cultural shootout in the cultural capital


Twenty people standing around filming it on their phones, but no one saw the registration number? HOW?!


Well, I wouldn’t even be surprised if this is the cops or perhaps the black brows ))

[Note: black brows here is a (slightly less racist) euphemism for an extremely racist term describing people from the Caucasus]


We should have allowed firearms a long time ago. The most violent would have shot each other a long time ago.


Maybe this is a wedding… although they’re not dancing very much )


Is this definitely SPB? I don’t recognise the place.


They could at least have shot each other, freaks. As they say “The more people that kill themselves, the fewer of them there are”.


Yeah, people should be punished for shootouts like this.


Maybe they were shooting into the air)


In the video, one guy’s walking dangerously close to the shooters, not even looking to the side or breaking his stride. IMHO it’s a fake, or they were shooting blanks.


Should have trained :) Not a single hit


Fuckheads like this mean I’m going to have to buy a traumatic pistol.


Why did he drive off rather than waiting for the cops?))

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