Q. Russiaslam? RussiaSlam? RussiaSLAM? Russia Slam?

A. russiaSLAM.

Q. Can you provide the original Russian next to the English translations?

A. For many of our posts, you can view the original Russian text simply by placing your mouse over the translated English text.

Q. How are your translated netizen comments and reactions selected?

A. We try to select comments that are popular, representative, or interesting. If the original Russian website sorts comments by popularity, then we usually try to use translate those comments under the assumption that the popularity of those comments are representative of or have at least resonated with many other Russian netizens. Not all Russian websites may do this, and in those situations we must select comments ourselves according to what we think is representative or interesting. Since we try to report on stories that are popular on the Russian internet, there are usually thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of comments which makes it impossible to read and review every comment.

It is important to remember that it is impossible for our selected comments to represent all Russian people and that the comments selected and translated will be affected by many factors including what comments are available at the time of selection and translation. What comments are available can be affected by many other factors, including moderation by the moderators of the Russian websites or authorities. The comments we select and translate can offer you a glimpse and insight into what Russian netizens may think or feel about certain news, information, trends, or issues but it is wise to remember that there are limitations.

Q. Can you publish my story of a bad experience or injustice in Russia?

A. While we are sympathetic to what you may have experienced, russiaSLAM does not publish individual stories or anecdotes. Please see our About page for an understanding of what we report and how we do so.

Q. How can I join or guest post on russiaSLAM?

A. Please contact us.

Q. Can you help me translate something?

A. Translation services from Russian to English and English to Russian are available. Please email us for more information.

Q. How can I support or help russiaSLAM?

A. Subscribe to our RSS, follow us on Twitter, or Like us on Facebook! Leaving us a comment or sharing us with your friends is something we really appreciate!

Q. Doesn’t the stuff you post make Russia and Russian people/culture/society look bad?

A. It is important to remember that what we translate does not represent all of Russia or every Russian person.

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