Moscow Without Visual Garbage – Pictures from an Art Exhibition

From Zyalt’s LiveJournal:

Visual garbage

Let’s continue our virtual excursion around the recent exhibition “Cities for the People”. Today, I want to show you a very interesting exhibit. We are so used to visual garbage that sometimes we don’t even notice it. But in fact, half of our vision is filled with adverts, cables, badly parked cars, air conditioners and so on. We decided to paint out all of the stuff that is unnecessary and have a look at how much space this visual garbage eats up.

At the bus stop

Looking down a street

Looking down at the metro

Shopping centre


Comments from Zyalt’s LiveJournal:



vaim2001: (responding to above)

-2. He’s writing crap. He’s gone and painted out the toilets and the kiosks. And you need both. Otherwise, it’s not a town, it’s the wild. Or a museum. If you need the wilderness, fuck off to the wilderness. If you need a museum, fuck off to a museum. Towns need sales kiosks. And there are no sales kiosks without adverts. That’s why it’s a town. And I guess there are shit adverts and fucking great adverts. But that’s the way with everything. By the way, IMHO, Stalinist architecture is shit.


They need to let citizens burn illegally placed adverts on the spot.

homya_4ok: (responding to above)

Along with the kiosks


The building under the word “Nokia” also looks like virtual garbage. Just like the majority of buildings put up in the 70s and 80s.


Spot on)))


Ah, get lost! Why get rid of all adverts? We only need to get rid of the adverts on the pavements.


This is great, I agree 100%


Adverts show that the town’s residents are building a thriving economy. The alternative is a clean and dead Minsk.


They should have painted out the trolleybus cables too.

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