Living in a Single Room with your Brother isn’t always Easy

From Ya Plakal

When you share a room with your brother…

Comments from Ya Plakal


Fuuu, future troll in the making!!!


She shouldn’t call her brother that name [Note: at the end, the girl releases a torrent of abuse including a few select words]


The girl was cute til she opened her gob.


What an idiot, she could have asked her brother to step out for five minutes


The boy’s a better singer!!! )))


Nice one bro, I want one!


The girl’s fuckable))) Is she on any social networks?


I thought this was going to be from an English speaking country – and then they’re speaking Russian…


Yeah, the girl was hot… and then she opened her mouth ((


She needs a guy to give her mouth something to do


How fucking cute)))


Show Mum & Dad how little miss butter-wouldn’t-melt talks to her brother!!!


The kid done good))

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  • Мозок перевершує зброя!

    Russia Slam needs a lot of work and attention.

  • T

    What did she say to her brother near the end of the video?

  • UserID01

    The comments are awful. Just a bunch of angry neanderthals with keyboards and internet access making crude comments. Jesus.

  • elizabeth

    Don’t think it’s easy for the kid brother either.

  • Dum_spiro_spero

    Russian men are spoiled. I’d be happy to let her talk like that to me all day long.

  • PhantomFlash


  • nipo

    Cool little brother!

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