Deputy PM Shuvalov: Russians Will Never Allow Putin’s Overthrow

From Lenta:

Deputy Prime Minister Shuvalov On How Valuable Putin is To Russia

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov has commented upon Vladimir Putin’s policy, informs RIA Novosti.

According to Shuvalov, the head of state “is sincerely willing to bring freedom, wealth and prosperity to the Russian nation”. “As long as it does not ruin the foundations of the country and does not kill people massively”.

Shuvalov has also expressed his belief in the fact that Russians would never allow Putin’s overthrow regardless of any foreign pressure, informs TASS.

“We will survive all the hardships we must face inside the country – to eat less, to use electricity less, I don’t know, some things we are all used to. But if we feel that someone from outside wants to change our leader and this is not our own will, this is only influence on our will, we will be united like never before”, – declared Shuvalov.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted that he is supporting the President not only as a government member but as a voter.

He pointed out that Putin as a leader of a big country has to care about creating a common platform that “will unite people from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky”.

“There should be a common platform and, in this context President Putin must think about freedom, and he is thinking about it” – said Shuvalov and added – “decades of hard work will be needed to build a Western-type democracy in Russia.”

Comments from Lenta:

Петр Порошенко:

Shuvalov talks too much… He needs a lustration [to be purged]

Иван Демидов:

Nobody has yet spoken about how harmful Shuvalov, Dvorkovich, Siluanov and Ulyukaev are?

Паша Соколов:

What bullshit is he saying: WE will use less electricity, WE will buy less food, WE are united like never before, OUR will. Shuvalov, get real, have YOU all gone mad there? Since when have government officials with wages near 500,000 rubles [~8000 USD] become common people? Since when have we acquired one leader? Since when do we share all hardships? Authorities and people in this country have never been equal, and now we try to survive and YOU are protecting your leader from US.

Gene Brumer:

Kissed Putin’s ass nicely. Let us see what he will say about Putin 10 years later, retired and living somewhere in France or Dubai. Putin isn’t a fool really, there were no fools in KGB. But he has done nothing for Russia during these 14 years. Russia used to pump oil and sell it for 100$ per barrel. Incomes were huge. The country lived on that money. Any president would be nice when you live like that. Arabian countries in the Persian Gulf have been living good for a long time already. But Putin hasn’t changed the country’s structure and technology. Healthcare has reached the lowest level, education and science are there as well. Over the past 14 years there has been no breakthrough in these spheres. Instead, corruption has flourished catastrophically, every year the country loses 100 billion dollars. Planes crash, satellites and rockets explode. And now we have this conflict with Europe, people have lost half of their savings, prices are going up, inflation as well. Russia has found itself completely isolated, with no one willing to give loans to us, make investments. And Putin is no great leader, he doesn’t even stand near Deng Xiaoping of China or Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore. Those leaders have made their countries prosperous. Putin has created the vertical of power, surrounded himself with bribetakers, corrupt officials, lickspittles and sycophants, and now he rules manually. Nothing good can come out of it. Shuvalov is urging Russians to get prepared for unemployment. And who has brought the country to this point?

Изя Кацман:

“We will survive all the hardships we must face inside the country – to eat less, to use electricity less, I don’t know, some things we are all used to”.

Wow. Start with yourself then, give us an example. As for me, I don’t want to survive, I want to live. I have only one life.

Alexey Stetsenko:

“We will survive all the hardships we must face inside the country – to eat less, to use electricity less, I don’t know, some things we are all used to”. – said by the man who had a real palace built for him, a mini-Versailles practically. This sounds so believable. One can just imagine a poor Deputy Minister sharing the last truffle piece with his family.

Valery Grigoryev:

Like in an anecdote about an alcoholic who’s lost his job:
– Dad, will you drink less now?
– No, son, you will eat less.

Alexander Mayorov:

I don’t get it, why didn’t he say anything about when Putin will resign?

Adidas Help-Desk:

And what if the overthrow of Putin is the people’s will?


Good boy, he will get a fur coat from the Tzar [a common reward in medieval Russia, now used as a figure of speech]

ivan ivanov:

has suppressed freedom;
has bankrupted the people;
has turned the country into a gas station;
encourages the murder of thousands in Ukraine.

Comments from Ura:


“decades of hard work” along with human sacrifices will be needed to build another democracy “with a human face”. How familiar it is to those who are older than 40. I don’t envy the younger generation if our government has such long-term “plans”.


Without Putin there will be no Russia and no sun in the sky!!!


What kind of fashion is this to speak for the whole nation? Write about yourselves and give us a right to elections and referendums! Look at them brainwashers.

с точностью до 142%:

Same things were said about the Tzar in 1917.
And about Yanukovich in Kiev [the former President of Ukraine]

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