Russians React To North Korean Rocket Launch

After the recent rocket launch in North Korea (which you can read more about on koreaBANG), Russian netizens have taken a long hard look at the state of their own country. One popular Russian blogger has put together the image below to show what he sees as similarities between communist countries.

From Drugoi’s LiveJournal:

Soviets have their own pride!

According to North Korean news agency KCNA, this morning in the DPRK a rocket carrying the satellite Kwangmyongsong-3 was launched. Ten minutes after the launch, the spacecraft was put into orbit. Congratulations to our North Korean comrades on this victory!

It’s amazing how similar communist states are. There’s nothing to eat, but they can fly to space.

Soviet images and North Korean images
[Note: images on the left are from Soviet Russia, on the right, the DPRK]

Photographs: © Reuters, РИА Новости

Comments from Drugoi’s LiveJournal:

Алексей Гороховский:

Their TV announcers are cool.


Means they’ve not got long left…

perepelitsyn: (responding to above)

That’s right – they’ll be bombed like Iraq!


Great achievements are made either by ideological people with empty stomachs, or by those without any ideology, but who have good food.


Nah, although there are similarities, Korea is a rather particular country. It’s a country of Stalinism that has come to ideological perfection – and as a result the economy has completely collapsed.


There was no hunger in the USSR in the 60s. Your comparison is offensive.


Sending international troops into the DPRK to overthrow their misanthropic regime is long overdue.


They’re proud but hungry. Ah, these communist traditions.

hobober: (responding to above)

Hungry people tend to make progress. People who are full that sit comfortably on their bums…


Well now, we’ve got lots to eat but no space [programme].


Look how many stoned liberaloids there are here. Calm down, you’ve already sold the USSR for sausages and jeans, you bunch of gays.


What interests me is why Soviet people were so inspired and fixated on space, but today’s Russians (or at the very least, most of them) are indifferent to it. Maybe today’s “space” is the internet (?)…


We’re like Africa now. Not everyone has enough to eat, and we’re not flying to space.


When Sputnik was launched, there were no sausage problems in the USSR, that emerged later.


Since when did queues mean there wasn’t enough to eat?!

mikola_xoxol: (responding to above)

Since when did queues mean there was an abundance of things to eat?!

What do you think? Is the rocket launch good news for the Korean people?

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