Fire in Depardieu’s Complex Was “God’s Will” – Kadyrov


Kadyrov: Allah has given and Allah has taken away

The head of the Chechen republic, Ramzan Kadyrov has put the fire in the “Grozny-City” complex down to the will of Allah, reported on Thursday. “The fire happened in accordance with the will of the Almighty, and we are powerless against His will”, he wrote on his Instagram. According to him, the building that was burned down will be rebuilt, and will be better than the previous one. Kadyrov promised to decide on the new appearance of the burned-down skyscraper at dinner on the 4th April.

The leader of Chechnya praised Allah that there were no casualties, and promised to do “all possible and impossible” to avoid this in the future. We recall that two years ago, Kadyrov said that Allah donates money to develop the Republic …

The fire in the Grozny-City complex took place in the evening of the 3rd April. The “Olympus” tower was on fire for a few hours; the fire was only extinguished at 01:30 on the 4th of April. Nobody was injured in the fire as the building is not yet inhabited.

At the same time, Itar-Tass report that the Emergencies Ministry‘s Chechen Headquarters have preliminary findings that indicate the cause of the fire in the 40-storey Olympus tower, a part of the Grozny-City complex, which is still under construction. There was a short-circuit in an outdoor air conditioning unit. This was explained to the head of the republic at an emergency meeting with the deputy head of the Chechen Emergencies Ministry, Beslan Galaev.

Our readers will be pleased to find out that although Gerard Depardieu was given a flat in the Grozny-City complex, his flat was located in another building, and is therefore safe.

This video of the last minutes of the fire show the extent to which the building was affected by the flames.

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Allah has given and Allah has taken away, and Allah will give again …

Юрий Громов: (responding to above)

Then he’ll burn it down and build it back up again.


It’s amazing that they’re wasting public money, and they can’t even build one thing right. No, they’re too small, and they need to be burned down so they can build them again on our money. The maximum Allah has given them is their soul, even their life was given to them by their parents. And their souls are greedy and filthy.

Canis Lupus: (responding to above)

If you undertake to judge others and count their sins, then start with your own – you’ll hardly get to other people! (c)

[Note: this is a quote from Chechen singer/bard Timur Mutsurayev]

Igne natura renovatur integra: (responding to above)

He’s not counting the sins of others – he’s counting the money that’s been stolen from his pocket.


Vovan has given, Vovan has taken away

[Note: Vovan is a diminutive form of Vladimir]


Allah Vladimirovich, you mean?

[Note: the polite way of addressing Vladimir Putin in Russia would be as “Vladimir Vladimirovich”]


“He wrote on his Instagram”
What a disgrace, stop it.
I would like to know exactly how many Russian tax-payers Kadyrov thinks are Allah?


I don’t think Allah pays tax ;)


Putin gave – God took it back!


It was a sacrifice :)


Allah made a short circuit. ))) Perhaps he could make a short circuit for Ramzan? In his head, for example.


Work hard, Russians, for Allah needs your money …

Джереми Яблонски:

Dear Allah,
Come and collect your idiot-boy to join you in heaven!

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