Man Registers Nearly 3,000 Immigrants at his Flat


St. Petersburger registered almost 3,000 foreigners at his flat

Employees of the Federal Migration Service (FMS) have discovered a citizen in St. Petersburg who had registered 2753 foreigners in his 60m2 flat. This was reported by Interfax on the 30th May, quoting a representative of the agency.

The St. Petersburger registered the immigrants by postal declarations. None of the migrants lived in this flat.

The FMS has given information to the prosecutor about the case. The agency have stated that the man is facing criminal charges, the punishment for which is up to five years’ detention. The service have not specified which article the Peterburger could be convicted with.

The Russian authorities decided to increase the punishments for the owners of these so-called “rubber flats” at the beginning of 2013. In the State Duma, amendments to the criminal codex are being considered which would see jail sentences for breaking the rules on permanent registration. Lots of people have opposed this bill, who consider that it’s an attempt to return propiska to Russia.

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Andrew P:

He can’t be sent to jail for this at the moment legally, so people get sentenced under ridiculous articles like “the organisation of illegal immigration”.

Евгений Веселов:

Tough to find room for 3,000 people in a single room apartment

A Z: (responding to above)

Maybe they form a queue?


Ordinary fraud.

Andrew P: (responding to above)

“Fraud – the theft of another person’s property or obtaining the rights to somebody else’s belongings by deception or breach of trust.”

Дыртанан: (responding to above)

He took property belonging to other people – the money of the people he registered – by deception.

Алексей Ларченко: (responding to above)

I think they knew what they were paying for.

кто то ктото:

He’s just very friendly


One database query and you’d see all these rubber flats at a glance …


I don’t understand, don’t they check how many people are already there when you’re registering?

Дыртанан: (responding to above)


Alexey: (also responding to previous commenter)

They do check, and they won’t register you if it works out at less than 6m2 per person or something like that. In order to register people above the limit, you’ve got to know people, and grease their palms, which is how everything is normally done.

Pavel Mart:

It’s right that this sort of person needs to go to jail.

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