MP Tweets a Racist Photoshopped Picture of Barack Obama

Racist picture of Barack Obama & Michelle


It’s not my banana

Olympic legend and an MP from the United Russia Party, Irina Rodnina, published today (13th September) a racist joke on Twitter about US President Barack Obama. In response to comments from her followers Rodnina stated that the photo was «American» in origin.

The photoshopped picture, which Rodnina tweeted, showed the prototypical racist reference that black people are supposedly closer to apes than others.

Some twitter users who saw the tweet by the figure skater-cum-MP tried to show her that these type of tweets are not acceptable.

@otec_SERGIY: @IRodnina The picture is certainly funny, but I think that someone in your position, even more so as a civil servant, shouldn’t being spreading this.

[email protected]_75: @IRodnina How could you, as a Member of Parliament

[email protected]: Free racists jokes by Irina Rodnina

Rodnina responded to a couple of critical comments, by saying that she sees nothing wrong with tweeting the photograph as it is “American.”

@IRodnina: @semarhan no the photo is not mine, it’s American, it was forwarded to me from the U.S. :))))

@kiberdyra: @IRodnina in our country there is freedom of speech. You can take to the streets freely and gob off about the American president. A disgrace!

@IRodnina: @kiberdyra It’s the same near the White House :)))

However, there were also positive tweets about the racist photo.

@geijrr: Cool photo :) I’m laughing :) Hey Irina) How’s your afternoon going? :) How are you? :)

[email protected]: @IRodnina little monkeys….))))

@Svetlyi13: @irodnina No comment ;)

The three-time Olympic champion herself decided to put an end to disputes about the acceptability of publishing the photograph by claiming it is freedom of speech.

@IRodnina: Free speech is free! You’re responsible for your own interpretations!

In the original pre-photoshopped photo of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle there was no banana. The photo was taken as part of a series of pictures taken during a basketball game at Towson University in 2011.

Bananas are often used by hooligans at football matches to insult black players. Usually berries thrown on the field or the players are deliberately wound up. In summer, the State Duma passed a new law which fines fans who are disruptive during sporting events. Bullies may face a fine of up to 10 thousand rubles, and a ban on attending such events for up to 7 years.

[Note: At the time of writing Irina Rodnina’s wikipedia page had been edited to include the word ‘ape’ instead of ‘figure skater’]

  • Ami

    Yeah, the ad with the black baby wasn’t racist but this is.
    And whats this about “free speech”??
    The owners of the ad got fined for “disrupting family values” so shouldn’t the OP get fined for posting something racist/disrespectful? Especially since the poster was a Parliament member.

  • firebert5

    Glad to see Ernst Haeckel’s ideology is still alive and well. Way to go MP. Way to show progress.

  • markus peg

    Even free speech has its limits, racism is unacceptable and should not be tolerated. If it being racist isn’t bad enough the person happens to be a MP and should be setting a good example, not spreading hate…

    Personally i think Obama’s face is funny but connecting it with the Banana it changes it from being fun to hatred which Is wrong…

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Can we just nuke these Russians and call it a day?

    No, says the boss… The Chinese.

    • Bill the Awesometacular

      At least our countrymen don’t constantly bitch about “da white man”, “black man, black this black that. What a joke

  • Pharenheit

    You know the funny thing about racism is unless you belong to the ethnic group at the butt of a joke or pseudo humor, you don’t get to have a say on whether it is racist. It’s about having some basic level of consideration for the feelings of others over your own need to have a cheap laugh.

  • Samir Eltahan

    It shows how behind this lady is, and if she is a politician she shows how backward and the people who voted for her the same…Because humans are one..I do not care if Obama is a mean person…but he is human just like us all..some behave worse than animals and kill people like Putin is doing in Syria and Obama is doing in many countries Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan etc. but racism is not funny

  • bcmugger

    FFS get over it its funny.