Video as Metro Doors Fail to Close, Netizens React

From Ya Plakal:

Careful, doors are NOT closing!

Comments from Ya Plakal:


Why the fuck would you stick your fucking face out?

kytyzov: (responding to above)

Contenders for the Darwin Awards.

Абсэнт: (also responding to previous commenter)

I don’t know, dogs do it all the time)


It’s summer, it’s stuffy and that’s why they didn’t close them


What if there’d been a bit of iron sticking out?


They’re ventilating the carriage


The brunette at the end – I believe I can flyyy!!!


Why did everyone run to look straight away? What do you think you’re going to see through the door that you can’t see out the window?


That’s a rollercoaster for you…

[Note: the Russian for rollercoaster translates literally as “Russian mountains”]


Bloody hell, and nobody pressed the emergency button


A train driving down the tunnel with open doors is a serious incident! How could it happen! The driver should be fucking fired at the very least!


Has the driver not been fucking fired?


The driver has an indicator showing that the doors are closed, he won’t go anywhere with open doors. Either these guys blocked it themselves, or I don’t fucking know.


Author, you should have been filming more of the cute girl in the white shorts, not sticking your head out into the tunnel


During rush hour, there would have been casualties. The ship’s commander is a dickhead.


The brunette opened her legs, I thought it was her doors that weren’t closing


The girl was recently attacked by a dog, it would seem, because her shorts are all in tatters


I’d probably have pressed the button to talk to the driver…


The driver should have a special indicator the lights up showing which carriage’s doors aren’t closed… he doesn’t have any right to go… this is a serious incident


Natural selection in action


They need to press the emergency stop button, and then the driver will go to jail because of this, along with a technician.


Fucking hell… this was the driver’s last day at work, and the station manager’s… Fucking hell. They need to be tried for this…


Lemmings, blin.

What do you think? What would you have done?

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