Law Banning Gay Propaganda May Become Federal

Sign text: No to gay parades

From Rambler News:

A ban on homosexual propaganda could become federal

A bill on fines for homosexual propaganda could be passed on first reading by the State Duma as soon as the end of this session.

The head of the Duma committee for family, women and children, Elena Mizulina has spoken about this. ITAR-TASS reports that the initiative was introduced into the Duma in March by the legislative assembly of the Novosibirsk Oblast.

Elena Mizulina reminds us that a number of members of the Russian Federation have already passed such measures. “We’re talking about a limitation of rights, and therefore it’s better if it’s a federal law. We agree that it’s not the Duma’s place to hide behind regional parliaments”, the head of the committee explained.

The MP said that the bill could be examined in the plenary session of the 19th December. She is sure that the document has a good chance of being passed. “There’s no basis for not voting for it”, Mizulina said. She added that many members of the Russian Federation have already sent in positive feedback.

The bill introduces fines for homosexual propaganda from 4-5,000 roubles [£80-100, 100-125€] for individuals, 40-50,000 roubles [£800-1,000, 1,000-1,250€] for individuals in a position of responsibility, and from 400-500,000 roubles [£8,000-10,000, 10,000-12,500€] for legal entities. According to Mizulina, it is unlikely to be a be considered a criminal offence, an administrative infraction should be sufficient.

The head of the committee believes that the second reading could only happen in the spring, as the text needs to be worked on and discussed with experts. In particular, it will be necessary to give a definition of propaganda. “Propaganda – the term already exists in electoral law, it needs to be direct agitation, a call to action. “Join us!”. And that should be an excuse for homosexual behaviour.”, the MP considers.

In the past, Mizulina has said that the law is not contrary to international practice. In particular, she cited a decision of the European Court of Human Rights. In the decision it was said that authorities should “consider the moral climate and traditions of the country in relation to sexual relations.”

Comments from Rambler News:

_ яблонский:

All gays come from normal families. Orientation is innate. If you son turned out to be gay, would you strangle him?

Bujhm Htgby:

Good news – we’re waiting for it to be realised.

Серега Петров:

A question for those defending gays… if everyone were gay, then what would happen to mankind?… We’d die out. That means that there is an unnatural trick in you all. And you’re all talking about the normality of it all.

Олег Викторович Думбрава:

In a country with a falling birth rate, we can only welcome laws like this. The self-destruction of Europe is the personal affair of the Europeans, just as bans and permission on the same-sex issue is only our population’s affair.

Ильдар Ильдар:

Spit on the gays. Other problems in the country worry me: corruption, arbitrary rule of the authorities and chinushi, crime, health, education, employment.

Инквизитор В: (responding to above)

You won’t believe this, but there are some people here that would tell you that it’s homosexuals who are to blame for this)

Пётр Сидоров:

Banish all the faggots to Western Europe! They love roosters there, they’re all roosters themselves…

незнайка .:

Not long ago, I was chatting to a guy about gays… until then, I thought he was an intelligent guy, but then he revealed himself… often, this theme throws light on what’s hidden in others… when a person doesn’t accept the world around him the way it is – that’s a true reflection of his soul!

Kosta Kalin:

This fashionable word “propaganda” will not be forgotten quickly while it can be applied to anyone who is in opposition to the authorities.

Натали !:

I have nothing against gays, but it’s unacceptable to promote it, so I’m for the law)

Дмитрий Иванов:

The question is, what will be considered propaganda…

ctac dehterev:

I’m for the law. I’m not calling for gays to be hanged and for their personal belonging to be cut off, but they don’t need to show off their ugliness openly in public. One’s personal life and sexual preferences should be private.

Primus Pilus:

What will become of Swan Lake now? Will it be banned or what? Tchaikovsky was one of the gays. And should we cross Nero and Caligula out of history to support this law?

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