Pornstar’s Photo Used In PR Poster For The Opposition

From Viktor Levanov’s LiveJournal:

Pornstar promotes opposition elections

Alexei Navalny has released a series of promotional posters for the opposition elections with an infamous porn star. Now all of the promotional materials are being distributed via Navalny’s “RosAgit” and “Good Propaganda Machine” and his own blog.

It all started when Alexei Navalny announced a flashmob on his blog, asking female voters to show their passport photos in the comments and Alexei would have all of them made into campaign posters for distribution. It’s simple – beautiful girls for promotional purposes! A Marina Koval also sent in her photograph. Here’s her picture [below] and here is the link to the photo in the comments of Navalny’s blog.

Cute girl, there’s a passport photo – it couldn’t be better. Navalny straight away started to distribute promotional material with a processed photo of the girl in response to the comment.

Pornstar Marina Koval on the poster made by Navalny

But there are a few important points:
1) the photos were not sent in by Marina Koval. The fact that Marina would more likely want to spit on the opposition, because she, well, is not particularly a friend of the liberals. A year ago, Marina could be found in porn films, at Pierre Woodman’s castings (I’m not going to give you links to the video, find it yourself.)

Excerpts of the pornstar's video

2) This photograph was not taken for the opposition elections. In the comments on Alexei Navalny’s blog is only a cropped part of the picture – in the original photo, the girl had a contract to star in porn films in her other hand. The whole picture can be found [below].

The full image showing the pornstar holding a contract in one hand and her passport in the other

Okay, we can forgive a little stupidty on Alexei’s part. At the end of the day, everyone has the right to make mistakes. But just yesterday he fell into the same trap again – he issued this lovely campaign poster. Personally, I found our Marina on it at least ten times:

The pornstar's image was reused a number of times in a second poster

Well, amongst other things, the poster is now up on at least two RosAgit sites. The site for Moscow and for St. Petersburg . It’s true, people of different professions should be energetically promoting the opposition elections! Even porn actresses. […]

Comments from Viktor Levanov’s LiveJournal:


Well, isn’t it great news this morning?


What LOL )))


I laughed from the soul! Thank you :)

Вячеслав Крахмалов:

Wow, makes you want to vote!


What’s so special about this? She has the same rights as everyone else. The State Duma pretty much all made up of prostitutes, and no, the world hasn’t been turned upside down.


So pornomodels aren’t people? These anti-liberals are just the same as the author of this trash.


But there are billboards of Pukin and Vedmedev on the streets. What’s worse?

[Note: the commenter is deliberately misspelling the names of Putin and Medvedev]


Hey, author, aren’t you bored of this?


Have the opposition cocked up again?


The porno is fucking great!


I don’t see anything criminal here. In comparison to the thieves and swindlers, this is nothing.

[Thieves and swindlers is a commonly used term to refer to the current administration]


We’re all pornstars today.


Navalny’s a dickhead, it’s been confirmed more than once.

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