Opposition Politician Wins Mayorship in Yekaterinburg

From Ridus.ru:

Roizman Recognized as Victor in Mayoral Election

The Yekaterinburg Election Commission have resolved to acknowledge the election of the city’s mayor as definitive, and the commission’s members have signed a protocol on the new mayor’s election results.

As such, Yevgeny Roizman was officially recognized as the victor of the September 8 election and will become the new mayor of Yekaterinburg. The president of the City Without Drugs foundation running for the Grazhdanskaya Platforma [Citizen’s Platform] party received 33.31% of the electors’ votes, reports Interfax.

Comments from Ridus.ru:

Не углядел Чуров, явная недоработка. Теперь придется следователям поработать. Наверняка Ройзман причастен к убийству Джона Кеннеди.
Churov didn’t take a look at this, a clearly unfinished job. Now his followers will have to work. Most likely Roizman is connected with the murder of Jon Kennedy.
[Note: Churov is widely seen as Putin‘s election fixer]

asinch: (responding to above)

Dream on, dream on. Extra proof of the election’s purity. Navalny flew through to Moscow exceptionally by the will of its citizens.

Rocky: (responding to above)

Aha, by the will of Citizen Churov.

Leona-139: (responding to above)

I’m also afraid for him. He’ll be put through some economic trial, and they’ll start trumpetting it all around the country-that’s what they’re like! It’s happened in the past.

2013: (responding to above)

There’s no need for any economic trials. If there’s a majority of URs and “the other systemic opposition” in the City Duma, then any initiative by the new mayor will be blocked. And it’s not much further to his impeachment, then.

ZonZog: (responding to above)

In the Yekaterinburg City Duma there’s an absolute majority of deputies from UR. And the city manager’s also from UR.

ZonZog: (responding to above)

Roizman’s victory is legitimate.

Roizman has a higher rating in Yekaterinburg than Navalny does in Moscow. And 10 years ago it was even higher, back when almost no one knew about Navalny.


Instead of a familiar postured maniac in a suit and tie, we have a mayor in a t-shirt! Change is coming!


Well I guess we shall see what will become of Fuckburg! Let’s hope that it’s not just for show!


It might be the first hint of coming change. It’s a shame that it wasn’t Moscow, but everything’s still to come.


We’re really hoping for Yevgeny, only we’re worried that the Governor will throw a spanner in the works, he hates Roizman

CAPSLOCK: (responding to above)

The governor’s a relative of Sobyanin [Note: the winner of the Moscow elections], he’s his nephew.

Elena-6711: (responding to above)

Nice lie!


Yekaterinburgers can be congratulated for beginning a new epoch in their city. In this epoch there won’t be hot water, heating, city transport will collapse, the renovation of courtyards and streets will end. Again, kindergartens and schools will go under the hammer and into the hands of free traders. It’s possible that both pensions will decrease and public utility tariffs will unambiguously grow. Then you’ll get your freedom. If this word is repeated a hundred times a day, then it will be warm in your apartment and your stomach will be full.

Alexandrina-4471: (responding to above)

Are you an idiot?

Sergey Tuvakin: (responding to above)


asinch: (responding to above)

Don’t you hurry to stick labels on people. Just wait a year.

Leona-139: (responding to above)

So what, only members of the United Russia party know how to bring these benefits? What a phenomenon.

ZonZog: (responding to above)

The mayor of Yekaterinburg isn’t responsible for utilities.
Yekaterinburg has a city manager for this.

pogladkota: (responding to above)

jack off onto putin


Where are the Nashi members? Where are the congratulations?

Khare Krishna:

The sincerest congratulations to my namesake! The night will pass – a clear morning will come!


Hope has appeared that in Russia, the truth can win.


Good job to those people who voted for Alexei Navalny! A lot of interesting stuff is ahead. Experience.

Elena-6711: (responding to above)

What’s interesting ahead with the parasite Navalny

Semen Nekhoroshkin:

He’s a cool guy! I watched his interview on Dozhd [Note: a TV channel] with Sobchak. Great guy.


Now a lot depends on the governor, Yevgeny Kuyvashev: if he’s a man – there will be work, if he’s a louse – there’ll be nothing for anyone.


where’s the second round?:)


Now a trial will be fabricated and he’ll be put away


I want to congratulate Roizman, I hope that in the steps of this will follow change all over the country, God let the people wake up and realize that it’s time to save the country and the people from United Russia.

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