Russian Kindergarten Children To Have Patriotism Lessons

From Echo Moskvy:

Russians will be taught patriotism from kindergarten

A new Kremlin department is preparing a government programme for raising children to love their motherland. As Nezavisimaya Gazeta reports today, this department for social programmes of the president’s administration is headed by Pavel Zelkovich. Civil servants will undertake to explain to children what is good and what is bad. This will be done through books, cinema, and the internet. As well, the Kremlin are talking about returning adverts to children’s TV programmes, so that they become more cost-effective.

[Note: in Russia, currently, advertising is forbidden during children’s programmes.]

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


I cried from laughing, love your homeland kids, it’s your mother…


Just like in Nazi Germany and the USSR!


The crooks and thieves who are tearing the country apart can’t teach anybody anything except how to plunder and destroy the motherland. For a start, they need to be taught over and over and over to love the motherland. Otherwise this will end hilariously.

anbi71: (responding to above)

I don’t agree. Teaching love for the motherland to those who want to teach our (!) children patriotism is a waste of time, they have cynically spat on this love.
They can only be sent to jail, nowhere else, for a long sentence.


We need to go further!
Only allow those who have a certificate from the Kremlin saying they love the motherland to have children!


When will this Putinskiy insanity end?


And how will they teach patriotism in the Caucasus? Will they have a special unit there to teach?


Patriotism, or Putinskiy patriotism? They’re quite different things.


“My patriotism depends on the condition of my estate” – Prince Golitsyn. To cultivate patriotism in those cheated and swindled by the Kremlin powers-that-be is nonsense and insanity of the highest order.


No guys…
“I love Lenin!!!”


Yeah-patriots or jingoists?

What do you think? Should children be taught to love their motherland?

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