Young Disabled Person Left Out in the Cold for 12 Hours


A disabled person has been kicked off a bus into the frost, where he was left for 12 hours

The disabled man from Barnaul was left for 12 hours in the frost and ended up in hospital with frostbite in his fingers. The 28-year-old Vitaliy Sedukhinski should have gotten on the bus with his mother, but she slipped and was unable to get onto the bus. The young man left on his own. Vitaliy has, since childhood, been afflicted with a psychological retardation and he struggles to speak. The guy was kicked off at the terminus at the other end of the city, and was not able to call for help.

Tatyana Sedukhinskaya, the young man’s mother, called the police and asked them to find her son, but the police did not respond to the phone call. At 4 in the morning, the guy was found by a passerby who called the emergency services. Vitaliy was taken away to the hospital and is currently being prepared for an operation. There is a risk that his fingers will be amputated. Tatyana had to pay for a nurse, although the family are not well off and have practically no funds.

Tatyana called the police department № 5 of the Headquarters of the Interior Ministry for Barnaul with a statement hoping to bring a criminal case against the driver and conductor of the bus who kicked her disabled son off. The Investigative Committee for the Altai Krai are now deciding whether to bring charges of “negligence” against the police who refused to search for the disabled person, RIA Novosti reports.

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Ah, I love the depth of the Russian soul that the poets waxed lyrical about. We have a lot to be proud of, don’t we? ))


After this sort of news, you start to support execution as a method of punishment.
I’m not alone in this, am I?

Эрик Картманез: (responding to above)

I think a life sentence working in the uranium mines is more useful to society than just executing them.

Алексей Глазков:

It’s simple: this sort of person needs to be isolated. Not necessarily in any kind of onerous prison conditions – just cut them out of society in some kind of closed recreation camp.

Send them to Siberia to increase the population and look for natural resources, for example. Or make closed self-sufficient factory zones in town, where these unscrupulous people can do useful but unpopular manual labour.

It’s not possible to integrate them into society. So why try?


Why did you go for Siberia straight away? Is it just monsters without morals that live there? Anyway, we had a conductor who wanted to kick a schoolkid off between stops, but the passengers didn’t let her. The young boy couldn’t pay his fare, maybe he’d lost his money, or maybe he’d bought ice cream with it.

Алексей Глазков: (responding to above)

I didn’t mean to offend Siberians in any way, I’ve been to Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk – great cities, good people. I meant the taiga, empty, Northern territories, beyond Norilsk, beyond Magadan. It’s hard to live there, people don’t really volunteer to go there too much, but there are lots of metals there, they need to build railways there, roads there, shipping yards, and so on.


There’s nothing left ((( All of the communists have died out ((( !


I support this. But before they’re shot, the driver, conductor, and the cops who refused to search for a disabled person should be left out in the cold for 120 hours (ten to one). Beasts.

Чеширский котик:

Only mass executions can save the motherland.


The lack of care here is depressing. You’d expect it from the police, but normal people could have helped somehow. If I were in the place of the mother, I’d have put a patch on his jacket so that if anything happened, people could have rung.

DerSerpent: (responding to above)

But how do you know that a guy standing at a bus stop needs help?




Putin’s stability


I understand that the mentally disabled can’t calculate integrals, perhaps they can’t even read.

But knowing the way home isn’t intelligence, it’s a reflex. Animals, dogs even, cows, cats, can easily get back home.

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