Gerard Depardieu Considers Russian Citizenship

From Echo Moskvy:

Famous French actor Gerard Depardieu could still become a Russian citizen

“Le Monde” newspaper are reporting that he is considering this option, along with citizenship of Montenegro of Belgium. Over the weekend in France, Depardieu published an open letter to Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. The actor announced his denouncement of his French citizenship due to government plans to increase taxes on high earners. According to him, over the last 45 years, he has paid 145 million euros in taxes in France and has never shirked his responsibilities to the state.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Gerard! Don’t do it! We already have Sveta from Ivanovo!))

[Note: Sveta from Ivanovo is a girl who has published a number of YouTube videos supporting Putin’s government, who has become something of a meme on the Runet and questions have been raised about whether her videos are viral advertising]


Well, why not, [if he comes] with money, then that’s all fine…


Tomorrow, Alain Delon is coming to Moscow. Another candidate for Russian citizenship?


Come to us, in Russia we have the lowest taxes for the rich in the whole of Europe.

smol_50: (responding to above)

In general you can say that there are no taxes…


Is a citizen of a country required to live in that country and nowhere else? Because our 13% personal income tax level is very attractive for lots of people.


But he said “that he’s a citizen of Europe and the world”, he can definitely become a citizen of Tajikistan! )))


This is probably the beginning of his insanity


He’ll become a Russian citizen, but he’ll live in France with his money…
What’s bad about that?


Afterwards, he’ll get Alzheimer’s, and he’ll want to go to North Korea.

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