FSB Agent’s Wedding Snaps Leak via Social Network

From Irek Murtazin’s LiveJournal:

The Ideal Wedding … of an FSB Officer

Weddings should be big events! And the restaurant should not be worse than “Turandot” [Note: a very fashionable and expensive restaurant in Moscow]. And the engagement rings should be diamond …. And there should be pop stars … Well, a bit like this:

How can you not respect the FSB when you find out that the groom is only the senior lieutenant of the investigative department of the FSB!

(I’ll just say, the bride’s parents are not at all oligarchs nor Rosneft shareholders, and the groom’s parents, that is, the parents of the FSB investigator, had not died before the wedding, so their son has not yet had his inheritance).

Comments from Irek Murtazin’s LiveJournal:


And off they go to work, pecunia non olet

irek_murtazin: (responding to above)

You don’t say


The girl’s Odnoklassniki [Note: popular social network] page is locked down.

irek_murtazin: (responding to above)

That means they’ve already “silenced her”. This afternoon, I went on and downloaded the photos with not problems when someone posted the link.


Scum in uniform! Nothing else to say.


Well, maybe it’s inheritance or something )))

irek_murtazin: (responding to above)

He probably found a present … maybe right in his office?


Well, it looks like our comrade really saved on the wedding photographer. I mean, really heavily saved.

irek_murtazin: (responding to above)

Maybe it was one of his own that took them, one of his coworkers? Because they’re not allowed to be photographed …


This is a modest wedding.


His salary, as you can see, is large … it was even enough for a wedding)

Миха ил:

Feudal Service of Brawling


He probably took out a loan?


The newlyweds have taken out a loan. That’s love!


Don’t be jealous, mate.

What do you think? Too lavish a wedding for a civil servant? Or does everyone have the right to a blowout?

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