Moscow has a New Weapon in the Fight against Snow – Photoshop


Moscow Authorities clear paths of snow using Photoshop

Blogger yuriursu asked the authorities in the capital to clear snow from the path near his house. On 29 January, he left a request on the “Our Town” portal, but by 1 February he had already received a reply signed by the head of the council saying “that the path has been cleared, and the company will be fined”.

The path before the request was made

The path before the request was made

According to him, instead of clearing the path, the authorities simply photoshopped it, not just clearing the snow, but graffiti on the garage and the stairs as well. The keen-eyed photographer immediately ran out to photograph the place pictured, and then wrote a statement to the Government of Moscow and the Nagatinskiy regional prosecutor’s office, and a response to the gоrо portal.

Response received from the council

Response received from the council

In the end the response was rejected by moderator, as the “message does not contain clear facts that would allow an investigation.” “The City has begun to cover for the council. This awful ‘Our City’ portal is completely useless”, he says.

The response sent back to the council, with red indicating Photoshop artifacts (translations in black)

The response sent back to the council, with red indicating Photoshop artifacts (translations in black)

Comments from

Хитрый Вован:

So, the bureaucrats and patriarchs haven’t learned to use Photoshop yet.

ivanpobedaphoto: (responding to above)

The budget doesn’t allow them to hire super pros, all the money … well, you know what’s happened to that yourself :)


Hahaha, A+ for the Photoshop, D- for the cleaning job )))


So what, the request was in electronic form, as was the response.
The response takes the form of the question.
It’s obvious that the council workers have been caught out, they don’t like being trolled either.


Let’s give the Photoshoppers their salary by fax!


Looks like officials in the patriarch’s employ have learned how to use Photoshop.

Товарищ (hz700):

Fucking “blogger”, pointing out the difference, what a grass!


Do they have a licensed version of Photoshop?


I suggest that we give the bureaucrats their salary in money drawn in Photoshop!


To stir up a scandal like this because of this nonsense is just ridiculous. And yet, I would have believed all this, if it were just the bits on the tarmac that were the same, but the graffiti’s disappeared here – it’s clearly nonsense. If they’d Photoshopped it, then they wouldn’t have been able to clean it off – it gives it away. In short, it’s not very clear cut.

What do you think? City council slackers caught red-handed? Or much ado about nothing?

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