Aeroplane with 20 Billion Euros on Board at Moscow Airport

From Echo Moskvy:

An aeroplane stuffed from top to bottom with money has been stuck at Sheremetyevo airport for a few years now

Moskovskiy Komsomolets writes that 20 billion euros have been donated to the mysterious charity “World of Good People”.

The cash, totalling 20 billion euros and weighing 200 tonnes arrived in Russia on August 7 2007. The money is owned by an Iranian native, Farzin Motlag. He donated the money to the “World of good People” charity, whose leaders have not yet been able to get the 20 billion sent to them. The newspaper noted that agreement on the donation was only reached this year. Six years ago, Russian customs demanded that the sender came to the airport personally, but the mysterious Motlag did not come to Sheremetyevo. Meanwhile, newspaper journalists were unable to find any precise information on the man, they could only be amazed by the fact that a man who could donate 20 billion dollars is not on the Forbes list. There are still questions as to who the money could truly belong to. One version has it that it is the riches of a Russian criminal authority, according to another, it’s Saddam Hussein’s money, which disappeared ten years ago.


100 billion euros belonging to Saddam Hussein mysteriously disappeared from his bank accounts not long before the fall of the Iraqi dictator. American special services have not been able to locate this money.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


I think that given the greed of our customs services, the plane’s been empty for a long time…


What a load of nonsense, what have you been smoking?


It’s me, me, me the elusive Farzin Motlag!!! What’s more, I’ve changed my mind about giving all the money to the charity, but I swear, I’ll give half of it to them.


What, is today April 1?


What type of plane can carry 200 tonnes? Only a “Mriya“? So where is it then?

uruzmag: (responding to above)

This is the first intelligent comment about this nonsense. There aren’t many planes capable of carrying 200 tonnes around the world. There’s another question about what how big 20 billion euros would be, and how much they’d really weigh. The question as to whether it’s possible to have that much money in cash is pretty much rhetorical.


I don’t understand at all… if there’s a plane there, then it’s been empty for a long time. How could it possibly be otherwise?


For some reason, the Hussein story sounds likely.


200 billion euros weighing 200 tonnes – what, is this in small change???


Putin‘s ready for his evacuation.


Even though this is on Echo’s site, I can’t believe it.


Путина? Как раз половина.”>Maybe it’s Putin’s money? Or, half of it, anyway.

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