Netizens Rush To Aid Mother of Two Living on 43 Roubles a Day

From Life News Online:

Mother of two describes how she lives on 43 roubles [90p, 1€]

The Rostov-on-Don resident has even been forced to deny her small children bread over the course of the year. The family’s monthly income is no more than 1,300 roubles. [£27.50, 32€]

After having been refused disability allowance, 35-year-old Ksenia Bordunova has developed a system which allows three people to live on 43 roubles a day. According to the woman, her main secret to living in poverty is to go shopping less frequently.

Government staff believed that the woman, after having part of her lungs removed, was completely able to work, and took her disabled status away from her, as well as the corresponding allowance.

Now the family’s entire monthly income is 1,300 roubles per month. The government gives 290 roubles [£6.10, 7,15€] to her for her older daughter and another 1,000 [£21, 25€] for her youngest, Angelina, who is now 1 year 7 months old.

“I usually go shopping once a month. I don’t go to the market at all, because it’s expensive and far away,” says Ksenia Bordunova. “Our normal grocery shop: Porridge, milk, eggs, flour. I hardly ever buy bread. The only meat we eat is chicken, which I divide into four parts and stretch out over the month.”

She hasn’t used make-up for many years. Ksenia says that it only makes your skin rot. In terms of personal hygiene, the family uses a very simple soap and a cheap shampoo, which they buy once every six months.

“I buy a litre of shampoo at a time. It’s cheaper that way. I wash my hair once every two weeks”, the woman continues. “My daughter’s a clean girl. Natasha washes her hair twice a week, but she has to because she plays sports.”

The Bordunova family’s wardrobe is updated very rarely. Ksenia wears whatever people donate. The lady occasionally buys a new jacket for her favourite daughter for 200 roubles [£4.20, 5€].

“This family are very poor. We help them however we can: We have given them a fridge, bought them coal”, says the head of a disabled society in the Lenin region of Rostov, Galina Yanovskaya. “Ksenia is a very good mother. The only reason she doesn’t give up is her children.”

Details for those wanting to help:
Savings book from “Sberbank”
42307 810 5 5209 0208666
Ksenia Valereyevna Bordunova

Comments from Life News Online:


Please give us her full details, I want to help.


Please give us her address. I can help with things for the children and groceries. Her detractors and their bile should leave her alone. God forbid you ever find yourself in such a situation!


Please tell me how to get in touch with Ksenia Bordunova, our company wants to provide her with material help.
Thank you.


In order to transfer money to her, we need the name of her bank and sort code. Please publish them …


Clever woman! A man would have got rid of the children and started drinking a long time ago … even more proof that women are not the weaker sex! All the best to the mother and her kids!


Thanks to the government for the way it cares for its citizens …


And what will the self-appointed “protectors of the constitution”, say when it comes to discussing stability and redevelopment?


How can the civil servants cram bread into their mouths after this?


If the state have antisocial policies, then a one-off lump sum donated to the family won’t last long !!!


She’s a good mother – she had children, but doesn’t know how to feed them. The problem here isn’t disability, it’s that they’ve been born to a whiner. Why she doesn’t work when she’s perfectly capable, I have no idea.


There are no words. I only have swear words in my head. Why do we have a government that won’t take responsibility for anything? How can we help this family?

What do you think? Could you live on the equivalent of 43 roubles per day? Is this woman a good mother, or a workshy scrounger?

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