Netizens Scorn Russia’s New Minimum Standard of Living


Russians have set the new size of the consumer basket

The State Duma have passed a new law on the consumer basket on its third reading, it will come into effect on the 1st January next year, reports RIA Novosti.

The law establishes that the consumer basket is made up of a minimum basis of food products, but also non-food goods and services, the cost of which must come up to 50% of the cost of the food.

In the past, in the consumer basket it was written how many clothes a citizen needed over a certain number of years. Now, it has been decided to define non-food items as a percentage of the cost of food.

The choice of foods added to the basket are the same as in the past. Normal Russians (not children or pensioners) are allocated 126.5kg of bread, more than 100kg of potatoes, 60kg of fruit and 114kg of vegetables, 58kg of meat and 18.5kg of fish, 290l of milk, and 210 eggs. In the children’s “basket” there are more milk products and fruits, and in pensioners’ baskets there is less than in other citizens’.

The “basket” is approved every five years in Russia.

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Let civil servants and MPs eat and buy clothes only “from the consumer basket” that they’re passing. So that they would be closer to the people.

vlandin: (responding to above)

They would die of hunger and announce a famine


126.5 kg of bread/ 12 months/30 days = 351 g per day
100 kg of potatoes/12 months/30 days = 278 g per day
60 kg fruit/12 months/30 days = 167 g per day
114 kg of vegetables/12 months/30 days = 317 g per day
58 kg of meat/12 months/30 days = 161 g per day
18.5 kg of fish/12 months/30 days = 51 g per day

Total: 1.33 kg of food per day.
0.8 liters of milk per day
0.6 eggs per day

In my opinion, you could pig out on this.
Considering that we should drink 2 litres of water, there’s almost a whole litre of milk there.
I think that this is rather a lot, and that the nation will just get fat.

Не мы такие: (responding to above)

The nation will only get fat from eating incorrectly – fast food, fizzy drinks, alcohol, refried food, frozen offal

evilavatar: (also responding to previous commenter)

I think the same way now. I eat less than that every day completely by choice, and I’m alive and well. It’s another question all together what prices and salary they did their calculations with.


They gave workers 2-3 times more during the war.


Each region has its own prices, our minimal salary is around 10,600 roubles [£215, 265€]


Food and clothes are important, but they haven’t taken transport into consideration (public, private)!

Юный слесарь:

They have – you go by foot, like Lomonosov

[Note: Lomonosov walked from his hometown near Archangelsk to Moscow to study, a distance of 560 miles, or 900 kilometres]


This requirement will be the social norm. Anything higher will be a triple rate!

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