Policeman Fired after Drunkenly Crashing into Seven Parked Cars

From Life News:

Senior officers punish policeman for drunkenly crashing into 7 cars

The drunken employee of the capital’s police force took the wheel and crashed into seven cars that were parked in the courtyard outside after an argument with his wife.

After the series of accidents, the policeman’s car rolled over.

The 28-year-old senior Police Sergeant Alexander Nelson-Girst crashed into seven cars in the courtyard of № 23 Ivan Babushkin street while behind the wheel of his own personal Chevrolet Cruze.

“The accident took place at 5.30 am in the south west of Moscow”, a source in the capital’s law enforcement agencies told Life News. “The policeman crashed into 7 cars in a passenger vehicle. It was established that the man was drunk during a medical examination.”


Life News has learned that at the time of the accidents, Alexander Nelson-Girst was on holiday. After a quarrel with his wife, he got behind the wheel and started to destroy cars parked in the courtyard to release his anger.

The fit of pique eventually cost the policeman his job and several black marks on his career.

“As a result of an investigation into the employee, he will be fired from the internal affairs agency”, the press service of the Moscow Interior Ministry headquarters told Life News. “The commander of the platoon in which he served will be found unfit for duty, the vice commander will receive a severe reprimand, while the company and battalion commanders will receive reprimands.”

The total cost of the damage caused to the cars is still being established. It is likely to come to more than one million roubles, the cars damaged were a Chevrolet Captiva, a Volkswagen Polo, a Toyota Cecilia, a Mercedes 320, a SsangYong, a Ford Focus and a Kia Optima. Fortunately, no-one was hurt as a result of the series of accidents.


Comments from Life News:


Not a bad way of letting his hair down, now he can spend years letting his hair down whenever he wants. The most important thing is that our hero’s soul is Russian, even if his surname isn’t.


People, wherever you may be, will always turn out to be human.

Comments from Ridus:


What was Kolokoltsev saying about the abolition of the death penalty? Maybe he meant bringing it back in for the pigs?

algentok: (responding to above)

It should be brought back for those who want to kill people for damaging cars.

StudioMaster: (responding to above)

Why kill people? Everything should be kept civil, with a court decision.


Erm … So, if it’s a court decision, it’s no longer killing?) Is it deportation to the next life?))


Policemen, as representatives of the authorities, can make mistakes. He made a mistake, who doesn’t!


Send this criminal to Dagestan, let him serve there. They’ll give him a donkey, and then there won’t be any more accidents.


We need to bring in a law about the devastation that these policemen cause.



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