Woman Breaks Church Icon in “Show of Hooliganism”

From Echo Moskvy

A visitor to a church on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street breaks an icon worth 1 million roubles (£20,000, 22,500€)

“The unknown woman acted aggressively, swore”, police confirmed, and then broke the icon in a show of hooliganism. How this occurred has not been specified.

According to Interfax, the arrested woman is a 30-year-old resident of the Bryanskaya Oblast. It is currently being decided whether charges will be brought against her.

Comments from Echo Moskvy


So, execution? Or life imprisonment?


Maybe the Duma will come up with a new law on glass in churches. But who valued the icon, isn’t it a sin? Maybe it was valued by weight?

rolling: (responding to above)

Nah, the cost is proportionate to the cost of nanofoam for the patriarch’s flat.


“Shitty God, shitty God” was about Putin, that’s why there was a prison sentence. But for a million rouble icon (by the way, where’s this number come from?) it’ll hardly be a prison sentence. [Note: this commenter is referring to Pussy Riot‘s Punk Prayer]


“A little twosie”, no? [Note: this commenter is referring to an uncommon word Putin used to refer to Pussy Riot‘s sentence]

kimonadasas: (responding to previous commenter)

If she didn’t say anything bad about Putin, they won’t give her a twosie.


Religion is weird. The pope drives sports cars, icons made out of gold. Jesus rode a donkey…


Could this have been… someone from Pussy Riot??:)


Good for her. Religion is the opium of the masses!


Priceless, no?


7 years hard labour and a 3 million rouble fine [£60,000, 67,500€]. She needs to answer for her behaviour.

boris_boone: (responding to above)

Shoot her and confiscate the belongings of all her relatives and loved ones. Bomb Bryansk to hell, so that Bryanskers know how to behave towards icons. 7 years won’t teach her anything.


The woman clearly needs an exorcist, or treatment for alcoholism.


Echo: “broke the icon in a show of hooliganism. How this occurred has not been specified.” They don’t know how it happened, but they know it was a show of hooliganism. Ah, you journalists, you guys are great.

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