Pizza Delivery Man Helps Himself – Netizens Shocked

From Ya Plakal:

Pizza delivery for you

Pushed for time? Skip to 0:52.

St. Petersburg, Pioneer region, pizza delivery, video from the lift.

UPD: a witness has sent a comment to YP:

“A few days ago, the buildings management company rang my friends. They heard about this situation with the pizza like that. They went to the “2 Berega” company as victims. There, their problem was taken very seriously, the CEO personally called my friend and they agreed on how to resolve the situation. Of course, the courier will be fired, the victims will be compensated. That’s how the problem was solved.”

Comments from Ya Plakal:


I completely expected this idiot to spit on the pizza. He didn’t spit – so thanks for that. Still disgusting.


Simple, the customer ordered without olives.

Sochinskiy: (responding to above)

Nah, the customer is allergic to mushrooms, so the guy was doing a “good deed”


Poor bloke was starving …)))


Blin, I was just going to order a pizza tomorrow, and look at this! I’m going to have to cook it myself.


The man was just cleaning the pizza from some rubbish that accidentally fell onto it.


Thanks for not spitting!


When you get your pizza, you need to check the courier carefully. If there are no signs of poisoning, no problems, get eating guys!


Looks like someone’s going to be looking for a new job tomorrow.


Is he a fucking student or something?


I’ve always wondered where the shrimps from my shrimp pizzas go …


The man was caring for you, checking it wasn’t poisoned! And you’re insulting him!



We would like to comment on the situation. We have already seen this video. This incident is unprecedented for our company. We conducted an internal investigation into the incident. We found the courier, and have taken the strongest measures against him. That sort of employee will not work for our company. We will consider all options so that nothing like this will ever happen again. We have also decided to seal our boxes. We have begun discussions with our supplies about how to achieve this.

We kindly ask that if you have any questions about an order, you call our call centre immediately. Our customer relations managers work around the clock and are always ready to discuss and solve all problems.

We apologise.

Kind regards,
“2 Berega”

andruxan: (responding to above)

The incident was unprecedented in that it ended up on camera? Don’t be greedy, feed your couriers


The guy was doing a kind thing – he was eating all the cockroaches and flies.


The less you know, the better you sleep.

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