Russians Comment on Ukrainian Rebellion over EU

From YouTube:

Ukrainian riot police storm the Euromaidan barricades

Members of the riot police, “Berkut” and internal forces have seized control of part of the fence at Euromaidan, in Independence Square.

After several unsuccessful attempts to break through the metal barricades the riot police have managed to seize control over the barricade. After taking control of the barricades internal security forces along with Interior Ministry staff and people in civilian clothes took apart the structures built from wood and metal. After a prolonged confrontation at Instytutska street the opposing forces took up their position.

At the same time, other security forces broke throughout the Euro-square’s defences. They took control of some of the road.

Security forces from Kiev City Council dismantled barricades as far as the junction of Khreschatyk and Proriznoyu.

Comments from YouTube:


Idiots! I hope everyone and everything gets hit by the water cannon! Bunch of dole scum!

TOR NORDLING: (responding to above)

Underaged troll))) well, worth a shot…

наружное наблюдение:

It’s a revolution

Алексей Самохвалов:

Ukies, you don’t even wanna know what will happen if you join the Euro!!! You’re idiots! Go out and work, clean the courtyards, wash the entrance halls!


You Muscovites are gonna keep sucking Cutin’s Pock but we’re having a revolution!!!

[Note: the characters used in this comment make it clear that the commenter is Ukrainian, although there are some features of both languages in the comment]

Евген Литовченко: (responding to above)

What happened after the 1917 revolution, the 1990 one, and the 2004 one? What has Cutin done to you, Ukraine?

Слава Штурм:


Natka Tsapen:

What a stupid comment…

Артём К:

Give these fuckheads a “Bloody Sunday”.

Алексей Костюр:

Dickheads bringing shame on Kiev once again!

Людмила Андрусенко:

BITCHES… that’s probably the best thing you can saw about them

таня войтович:

This is pretty bad

Юрий См:

Everyone knows what role Ukraine will play in the single-sex marriage that is Europe.


The US state department has spent its last dollars on helmets :)

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