Flashmob Goes Wrong When Citizens Steal Oranges

From Echo Moskvy:

The so-called “orange festival” in Izhevsk ends in an incident

Organisers planned to fill one of the fountains in the central city square with oranges, and brought two tonnes of oranges with which to do so. However, citizens of the town had carried all of the oranges off in five minutes. A veritable brawl in which about a hundred people took part broke out over the citrus fruits. Eyewitnesses say that even the police were not expecting it, and were barely able to resist the pressure of the orange-lovers. The deputy head of the administration of Izhevsk, Irina Tesleva said that apparently, some of the townspeople are suffering from autumn vitamin deficiency, reports Interfax.

People pass oranges out of the fountain to others holding bags at the side.

A few people wade through the water scooping up oranges to take home

Comments from :


Even if the fountain had been filled with onions or potatoes, they wouldn’t have been taken away any less quickly))


It’s sad that people lose their minds so quickly when it comes to freebies and turn into a herd.

westsomething: (responding to above)

Where is Putin’s regime going? A short period of golden rain and stability have been burned up, slowly but surely poverty and hunger are coming, the quality of life in all layers of society will collapse even more strongly in the near future, and people will remember these oranges with nostalgia.

runiti: (responding to above)

Yeah, it’s nonsense – they’re thinning out the ranks of the opposition, even the gays don’t go out on parade…


It’s not autumn vitamin deficiency, it’s an eternal thirst for freebies. People would even think vinegar sweet if it were a freebie.


Abundance in Russia: ‘Is there enough food?’ ‘There’s enough!’, ‘Is there any left over?’ ‘There’s food left over!’, ‘And what are you doing with the left-overs?’ ‘We’ll eat them all up.’ :)


People have been driven to the point that they’re taking away these oranges which are worth pennies despite the shame.


This means winter will be cold!


It’s not been oranges for a long time, but refrozen shit.


Can we somehow see this as a creative idea? What had they planned to do with the oranges after dropping them into the fountain? Let them rot there? They carried them away and rightly so.


It’s not that people have vitamin deficiency, it’s that the authorities have dickhead-itis

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